Ignoring Me..

Well I started school more early then most of you :)... The first day back was bad he wasn't there a subsatute well she was a Azz lol I didn't like her well she was nice but she wasn't him so I kept getting sarcastic and I kept ignoring her so she said you have detention with me tomorrow for lunch I just rolled my eyes my bestfriend A doesn't know a lot I told her what happened but kinda of lied but I didn't mention the kiss..I miss him I miss his smile I miss his stare I miss his hair I miss his hotness I just miss him and knowing that he doesn't love me Hurt...
It was boring the rest of the day A just was by my side I love her for that and no she doesn't read the stories I post but if you do HI and text me :)...
Surprise! He came the next day but just ignored I kept staring but not one glanced he pist me off so I ignored him too as soon as the bell rang I left first and ran to the bathroom I wish A was here but she went to some funeral just a 2nd cousin or something I just cried it was lunch and I grabbed a water I have a disease Anorixia but I'm glad cause I'm a fatty...so I grabbed my water went to the classroom all he said was take a seat I scoffed and said Oh your talking to me and rolled my eyes and sat I just played with my nails and watched him he was just doing anything but looking my way , something came over me I stood and slammed the desk he got scared I think and I kinda yelled Are you going to ignore me the WHOLE DAY....He said well its detention I didn't know we were suppose to talk...I got my books , Him: We're do you think your going ..Me: Any where but here and I ran out his voice grew S Get Back here... I left the building I already knew I can't but F it I'm in trouble anyway ...I don't know what the F happened I ended up in the hospital and my mom was there they said I was just week and I need to eat I wonder who called I wonder if Mr.G seen I hope he didn't he's always on my case about it my mom was asking did I eat the whole day I just lied and said I had a turkey sandwich I couldn't tell her I hadn't eaten in 2 day but I deserve it I'm fat, so I got a slip that I don't have to go to school tomorrow I was happy as hell, A rushed in I felt bad because its my fault she was crying witch made me cry we have some type of twin connection lol but yh ..but yh...I only had 4 days off for school so ill tell you the rest :)
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If it pains you to be in his class you can go to the office and ask to transfer into a different class.

And lol no not transferring there's more to the story :) later it's good

Listen you are not fat. Also you need someone more available in your life to be with. Take care of yourself and love yourself baby no matter what. Stop putting yourself down it will not do anything good for you.

Thank you love I'm fighting :) <3❤

Spiritual warfare. Read about it online. That is my recommendation. Baby you are not fat. Eat healthy take care of yourself girl. I got tired of being sick and I decided to eliminate meat out of my diet. I eat a vegan diet ( just fruits and veges no dairy, no meat). I lost weight and cleased my body of toxins and tumors. felt so much better energetically. anyways I can go on and on. Do you do any dancing or any activities you are interested in outside of school? Everyone needs an outlet. I am an artist and I would go crazy if I didn't draw , paint, swim, dance. Those are things I must do lol. Can't live without them. Lol :)