Our Little Secret (;

Well it goes like this,
He took place over the one teacher that made me feel like the number one best top student ever which personally just crushed my whole purpose of coming to school.
I 100% understood that it wasn't his fault the other teacher just went on a holiday for the rest of the year with her fiancé to get married and have time together (; I was in primary at the time also my friends and I were not the easy flowing sort of kids .

So we sort of bullied Him and got in trouble from it a little bit but that was just the way we decided to treat him(well any who back to the story) I remember every morning walking into the room and it just.smelt like him because the class was so warm and his cologne was so strong it just scented the whole classroom(;
I remember it vividly -one morning like normal I walked I to the warm room and got out of the freezing cold air outside ,he noticed that i was cold so he asked of I was okay and whatnot and I said of corse I was shaking away making it obvious that I wasn't so he said to hop by the heater until I get warmer as so I did but was still cold so he offered to hug and I was just so cold I didn't really care what he did to me at least just got warm so he said to come to the heater where not much of the students could see us( but because it was a sort of stormy day not much of our class came only about eleven -twelve people came that day but as they arrived to school they saw children in the other class watching movies and whatnot so instead of coming to our class they just thought that it might be fun to go join in theirs)

And whilst hugging him I could feel him in every way,
His hands just happened to slowly drift down my back and his face seemed like nothing was happening so I thought "ohh he's not doing anything wrong " so I carried on .

I pulled away from the hug and looked at his face and right at that very moment I just happen to fall in love because he seemed like he was loving the hug and he was bitting his bottom lip and it was just like so sexy right then but it didn't look wrong because he's young -he said" This will be our little secret and winked" I don't know what the**** came over me but I said okay and went to lean in to kiss him and by the time I got halfway ................. He was leaning in to kiss too(; ;)he gripped me tighter on my back as we were hugging which made me almost burst;) we broke up about 2 minutes later almost like right before my friend walked In class lucky she didn't see anything(feeewww)
I totally acted like nothing happened but his face was just blushing so much .

My friend walks over and gives me a hug -looks at Him and said eeww -rolled her eyes and said what are you doing with him over here and I said well was cold came in over here and warmed up but was bored and asked him to come over and talke tome so he did and she was all like ohh so is he keel with us now or not and I looked him and he was just staring and daydreaming at me and I said yeah he is(lol)

So that was like was like 5 or so years ago now im in college/high school and I saw him recently at mc donalds and I was just like "OMG" so I pretended like I never saw him but it just so happened that my friend had to go see her stupid boyfriend down the road right before I seen him(gosh)

He came up to me and was like hello little miss do you remember me- but to be cheeky I replied no and put my headphones on my ears and looked away so he said maybe this will remind you and kissed me at this moment I really felt like it was a dream or something because I had still liked him for all these years(lol) and so I go ohh now I remember you and he's like woah you are sooo good now(and we both laughed knowing what he was on about )
So we were talkimg for a while about what had happened in each others life since and whatnot bla bla bla and he said that since he moved back to ********then came back and was like ohh cool, all of a sudden when he told me that one thing my heart just sank into my lower stomach when he said he was going to start at a new school and guess what???? "My school "the one and only he just happened to come to was the one that I went to so then he asked if I went there and I told him I did and my friend walked in w/ her "bf" and so she had a talk and catch up with him but then after about 20 minutes after we ate our food he had to leave and as he turned away he winked at me and said see you at school,
Then my friend turned to me and was like what's he on(lol) and I said it's not funny oi and she was like what's the matter and I told her he's teaching at our school now! And she was like what Nooooooo!!! almost in tears and inside my head was the total opposite (0.0)

Hope you really like my story it true like honestly straight up;)
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Omggggg post what happened nextt... he loves yaaaa

Thanks, just delta like I had to get it out(;


It does

Sounds like a movie.....but thats a great story!