I Have It!!!

Okay so today was okay, I didn't talk to him because he was drowned with work and when he spoke, he seemed sad. I wanted to talk to him but I couldn't get the guts. I was trying to get on my IPad (I wrote a BUNCH of quotes about love and him on my IPad case the other day!) and EVERYTIME I opened the IPad case, he would look right at me. No smile or anything, he'd just stare. I felt his eyes, like his being, just surrounding me....

Anyways. So afterwards I had Mrs.B class. We had a quiz and whatnot. When I was done she pulls me to the side and goes, "Hey Rach, would you do me a favor and go into my office and get my computer?" She handed me the keys as I said yes. I walked to the gym and unlocked the door with no intentions of anything that's about to happen, some of you will freak out of be SO happy!

Okay, so I unlocked the door and grabbed the computer. Well I few months ago I went into her office and tried to find his number, but since I really haven't been that interested in him, I tried not to look at the wall with all the numbers since it wasn't there the last time. Well, I literally heard the voice in my head go, "Rachel, look!!!!" And I looked upon the wall to see his number written in his cute little handwriting! I freaked out for like 3 minutes and then tried to get the will to go back to class, but I just had to look one more time. I found a small piece of paper, wrote the number down, and went back to class like nothing happened.

I haven't texted it yet, or called. I won't either. I just... I guess it's just nice having it. I'm so tempted... But I won't. I must will myself to not.

Okay have a lovely day! I scored the last goal and we won our game today! :) eeppppppp!!!
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

So freaking jealous right now! Mr.H will barely even talk to me now.

Awww, this is sooo cute.... ;-) I'm glad, that you finally had a good day...