That Smile...

So basically I was really nervous about seeing him again today. Especially when he affects my mood so much but anyway I went to see him just as the bell was about to ring for the next lesson and he was stood leaning against the doorway with his back to me because he was talking to his class inside. I sort of just walked up to him and when I said his name he snapped around really fast and I nearly jumped XD. But anyway I asked him if revision was on and he said yeah and he was asking me if I was stuck on anything particular in Chemistry.
I just said a few equations but then he was just looking into my eyes and his class said "Um sir can we go?" XD
But yeah in revision he put my equations at the top of the board, then asked what everyone else was stuck on.
He put up a really difficult question for my topic and he just grinned at me and said "a question especially for you! Enjoy". I just gave him the evil eyes before smiling at him but seriously guys...that nerdy but gorgeous grin is amazing. He's like a male model nerd @_@ although I love his nerdy personality more.
But yeah I asked him if the Chemistry equations in my Biology book were correct because they weren't. Everyone else had left though so it was just us and everytime our hands touched on the book my anxiety nearly killed me :-/ So yeah, amazing first day back. But exams start tomorrow lol he wished me good luck in my Biology exam tomorrow before I left and we just smiled again before leaving. He was the only one to make me smile after a crappy Christmas :) !!!
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Seriously lucky!