Not Big, Just A Short Update.

Today I was my perky self. Normal ya know? Mr.S was sad today so I tried to keep the class quiet so he could do his work. Before class began I asked him if he was alright and he said he was fine and I said if he ever needed anything that I'm here for him and he said okay, thanks Rach. Then I told him that I scored a goal last night and he congratulated me. Then Mrs.B came in and congratulated me cause they announced my name on the intercom and said that I scored! She told me how happy she was that I did and we high fived, it was nice. Then in math he seemed a bit happier, I asked questions and ended up getting his lesson. Afterwards I asked him what my grade was and for the quarter I have an A! And for the semester I have an B! WOOHOO! I should've hugged him, but he was sitting lol. Then my BFF Paul (PJ) came and gave me a hug after class ended and Paul was facing towards Mr.S and Paul said he gave him the death stare! (Mr.S to Paul) so I was thinking, "what if he OT jealous for a second?" Woah, that'd be great! Lol

I just... Ugh. I found out my uncle died today so I'm sure I'll be crying tomorrow. Just hope he'll be there to comfort me :/
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Hmmm... Seems like mr. S better than this new kid.. You talk about Mr. S more. And you go into more detail and feeling. Sure, this new kid is nice and gentleman like...but... Mr.S has your interest..

Aw I really want you two to break the stupid teacher-student mould and be together! :)

Haha me to... Except the new kid might get in the way of that(;

New kid? I lost track of EP stories T_T . But no you seem to really cheer him up. My teacher just teases me all day about my Chemistry exam tomorrow :-/ lol

Haha good luck!
I hope I do, I want to be light of his day lol :)
I posted a new one a few hours ago, it's called The New Kid, Nate(; lol you didn't really miss that much... Except Mr.S getting jealous(: haha

Wow the death stare. Lol he is a bit possessive. That says a lot.

Sorry to hear about your uncle passing dear. I hope you will be okay. I hope you don't think it's weird that I reply to your stories on here especially considering my age. Ep is like the best place on the web and the next best best one is facebook. I visit both everyday alot. I am addicted to both of them lol.

Lol it's alright. I look forward to your comments especially, you have a lot of wisdom! :)

I think he was jealous! And I'm sorry about your uncle :(:(