First Day Back(: Short But Sweet

So after my three week winter break this is what happened between me and my professor! Not much but the impact was just as nice(: So it was before class my professor was on my side and I looked up and he saw me and waved and looked away then he looked again and said well good morning how are you!! All excited and I said its too early for all that and he walked over and he could NOT hide his smile, and it was sooo cute because I could tell he was trying to hide it but he just couldn't!! And I was like OMG you missed me sooooo much and can't even hide it! And then he said only 30 more times and I said so? And I said I was tired again and he said we all are don't worry and walked away haha.
So I was on my phone and looked up and he was staring at me and smiling and then started coming over and said so how is your mom and I said she's good she liked her Christmas present I got her, and then we talked about her gift and how back at home it's not as cold as where I go to school. But when he asked me how my mom was my brain literally blanked, which it never really does around him. And when we finished our convo he just kinda rambled on a little and it was soooo precious that we were both nervous about seeing each other! He made it more obvious that he missed me than I made to him, simply because I don't want it to be tooo obvious I like him.
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Tell him you missed him too. He understands the friendship relationship you both have. Like you told him before you wanted him to be your best friend after graduation. :) so he gets that.

Yeah I really want to tell him tomorrow when I see him(: I'm just so happy he missed me I figured he'd just greet me like everyone else but nope it was better!