Fritz Lang.

Oh my goodness gracious.

I got back into town yesterday after spending a week in my college town. As many of you know, I tried being mysterious and hard to get this time with P in the quest to retrieve my earrings. My parents weren't home from work so I decided to visit some friends who work at the mall. I then happened to notice the time: 4:30. P would just be getting home from school. I hadn't texted him at all last week. While contemplating on whether or not to text him, I sipped my coffee, and my phone lit up. It was P.

"When will you be back?"

I told him I was back in town, and I must've forgotten to text him. He asked if I wanted my earrings back and I said yes. He told me he was at home, and I was free to come over to get them and watch a documentary. I told I would be a bit, but I actually went into the mall restroom to brush my teeth and change into suitably sexy clothing. I sped to his apartment and calmly walked up to his door. I merely tapped on his door; he came running and welcomed me in. With a hug, his hand touching the small of my back. I felt my knees go weak as I pulled away and looked into his ice blue eyes. He handed me my earrings and I put them on. He sat on the couch and patted the spot next to him. We watched The History of Film, a series on the entire life of cinema, right up both P and I's alley.

Here's where it gets good. We were discussing work. He mentioned work was bland since he taught mostly freshman this semester and none of them were remotely interested in art. I told him that he needed to have more outlets and develop his personal life. I proceeded to ask him about his search for a woman. He said it's been a futile search. No one seemed to like him. I laughed and said he just needed to learn to pick up on a female's body language, like when she constantly plays with her hair, stares at him, or reapplies lip gloss. After another 20 minutes I noticed we were very close now physically. One of us must have subconsciously moved toward each other. We were laughing about students and I reached down to apply my lip gloss. As I was applying it, I seductively looked down and back up at him, like something from a Fritz Lang noir. He leaned over to me and asked about my earrings. I explained my favorite pieces of jewelry to him. He pushed my hair back to see them and I turned my head to look at him. We were barely an inch away. I could feel his breath. Our eyes locked and he bit his bottom lip. It was like slow motion thereafter.

He closed in. His lips met mine. My heart stopped. I was dying to open my eyes, to fully grasp what was going on, but his soft James Dean lips pressed against mine felt too good to ruin it with eyesight. Our breathing turned into panting. I climbed up on his lap and straddled him. He was feeling me up, holding on to my hips and breasts. He was moaning in his kiss. I could feel him through his slacks. I ran my hands down his chest and started to pull his tie to me.

Just as he was about to put his hands up my shirt, I heard church bells... What?

It was my cellphone. My father, of all people. At the same time, his pain-in-the-*** neighbor starts pounding on his door. I sprint to his bedroom and talk to my dad. P was trying to make himself decent enough to talk to his neighbor. My father told me to meet up with the family at a restaurant for dinner. I had to leave. I straightened up and hugged him goodbye.

"You want to hang out", he asked, "before you go back to school?"

I said I had no life and would be free whenever he was, at least for the next two weeks.

Two more weeks to fulfill my fantasy, and be with him. I've made a lot of progress as he is a Capricorn and very shy. It's damn near impossible to get in with him, especially if you were once a student. I'm not sure when I will see him again, but I'm pretty sure I left him with a good taste in his mouth. Cinnamon, to be specific.
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This is awesome... but I thought you had a boyfriend?! lol

I do, but he wanted to "take a break". He kinda half broke up with me. We were spending too much time together I guess. We still talk. But it's kinda dead. So I'm not even sure where he and I stand.

But now we're about to start dating again. Not boyfriend/girlfriend. But dating. P and I are done. You'll read about that. :)

Aw :( Look forward to it! lol :)

well as long your enjoying and happy about it i think thats acceptable in everyway.