Why Am I So Awkward!

so uhm...two nights ago...I posted this status "You know you're a fangirl when your teacher told you to write an essay with the title "Year 2012: A year to remember or a year to forget" and you wrote a year to remember because it was the year when the movie the avengers was released. I tried making it look like it was something really deep so besically she'll think it's about something else XD" and then he commented 2 minutes later(I'm very much flattered that he read and commented) "lucky you it is a year to remember, might take a year or more to forget the events that happened last year 2012" and then I totally freaked out! then I replied "sir it might take a while to heal :))" I panicked because I knew that was a stupid reply and I felt awkward so I closed my facebook tab. I was so scared to open it again to see if he replied. he deleted his comment but I saw a notification for my messages. I opened it and...HE MESSAGED ME!!! bloody hell...and once again I felt awkward and I panicked that's why I did not reply and logged out...well...obviously that was a stupid move! gahd! but hey...it's something!
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Talk to him girl. Ya know he is going to be like the terminator. He will track you down at school to talk to you about the Facebook message. :)

He seemed a little sad with me but he was still talking to me. but I saw him look at me like he's wondering why I didn't reply.

OMG. That must be really something! Good for you :)

you think so? :)

Yeaahh! The very fact that he took time to messaged you....not to mention that your status got his attention and he even commented on it :D Also, its commendable that he somewhat feels comfortable to share his feelings with you..what he thinks, feels..and the likes of it. That's nice =))

he does feel a little comfortable around me. and he always notices my opinions :)