I Can't Stop It!!!

Well yeah since that recent thing about seeing him and all and especially posting my story about it it's made me think in death about him even more,and now that he's gonna teach at our school I'm so scared even if I'm not in his class I know that some how he'd want us to do something;)
But don't get me wrong not like I don't want to or anything.

It's just that my friend and i are like sisters and I don't want to keep it a secret from her. But mostly what I'm scared of is if she finds out and what shed think about it;(

I know that she hasn't got one single secret that she's kept from me because we've basically grown up together like literally, Ever since like before we could even remember(;I like love her to bits but I'm scared that if she does find out that it would just make her feel like I'm the one that's betrayed her in our lives and that would just like wreck everything and anything in our sisterhooodness ;(

I love him soooooooo much like deep within my heart but I know he feels something for me but more than just lust faaaar beyond that, because he wouldn't of just risked it to do that to me at all- he would have lost he's job gone to jail everything the worst that he could probably imagine;(

But my sister~(friend)should mean much more than someone in my life that we have to keep it a secret- I just honestly don't know????

What should I do????! " I can't stop thinking about him and what I expect her to think about it"

Lovemeyea Lovemeyea
13-15, F
Jan 9, 2013