The New Kid, Nate(;

Oh jeez you guys, things happened today! Ahhhh!

So in first hour a new, very hot!, guy came in and introduced himself. I, of coarse, introduce myself and smile at him. Oh jeez, he's so cute and funny and sweeet, ahhhhh! Anyways, during first hour I asked the class if anybody had a pink highlight and he literally jumped out of him seat to give me one. I walked up to his desk to pick it up and he gave it to me but hold my hand AND stare and said, "I was about to come to your desk to give you it, maybe next time I guess?" And I smiled and nodded and said thank you and oh jeez his smile is gorgeous. Ahhh! I might have a crush on him hehe! Anyways, homeroom was good. He was better today, happy. I put on the board, "Rachel _____ is my favorite student, love Mr.S" and he laughed and I was like, "OMG mr.s! You are to kind! I can't believe you said that!" And we laughed and then yeah... Then at the end of the day I went to his class again to see if it was still there and it wasn't! So I made a sad face and mr.S was like, "aww Rach why so sad?" And I'm like, "you erased it!" And he laughed and said, "tomorrow you can put it up again, I needed the space." And I said okay and as I was leaving Nate came in and asked Mr.S a question so I thought, "ohhh now I can give him my number" so when Nate was leaving and Mr.S started locking up I said to Nate, "hey, I'm Rachel! Welcome to _____! If you need anything, I'm here! Here's my number if you need anything!" And he smiles and goes, "I'll text you later." In his cuteeee deep voice. (HE RESEMBLES MICHAEL SO MUCH, IT'S WEIRD!!) and in the corner if my eye I see Mr.S literally turning red, and he slams the door and stomps down the hall. Whoa. Then Nate starts going and he says bye and I say bye back and about the time I was halfway down the hall, I turn around and catch Nate looking at me, smiling! Ahhhhh! OMG! And Michael, oh jeez. Guys he's been weird lately! And in homeroom he was staring at me and when I went to the board to put my name and about me being his favorite he looked at me with that look I look at him like, that dreamy one where your eyes kinda twinkle and you just sit there in awe and think, "man, he/she's beautiful." That type of stare. I couldn't help but blush. I looked at him once while he looked at me like that and I sorta smiled and he just kept staring all sweetly. I turned back and started again but I could feel his chair moving closer to me and I swear his heart pace quickened, even though we weren't really close, I felt like it was just us. I blocked out everything except him and his heartbeat, it was really nice. His breathing soothes me too. Surprisingly I didn't cry today either, and thanks for the support of my uncle... He's in a better place now. Love y'all! Stupid half days! Haha xoxo
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That is tricky but you should decide who you like more. Just give it time and then see if you like Nate as much, if not more, than Mr S :)

Okay hun!

Wow, I didn't except that something like this would happen... I think, that you should try to talk more with that new boy, and you will see...

I like him but I don't LIKE him. I like him as a person so far, I think how I said that I have a crush on him is over dramatic. Haha

Okay girl you are going to be tested now this new kid is in your class. Don't play games with Michael's heart and Nates heart. Choose. Don't just up and give someone your number when they are a total stranger. You have to get to know them first. (Shaking my head)

I don't know what to do! And I accidentally gave Nate the wrong number.... Oops. I also think Nate is in my math class with me WITH Mr.S. ughhhh.