I Graduated High School And I Still Go Back To See Him.

I graduated high school in June of 2012. I waited so long for that moment. I had gone thru so many things in high school, I was anxious to forget everything. Just days after graduating, I woke up one morning feeling very anxious and started to have a panic attack. I decided to go out for a walk and suddenly I saw Mr. K he was leaving a Dunkin Donuts in our town. I was walking trying to calm myself down and sudddenly we bumped into each other. He held me and we made eye contact. I apologized and he just walked away. Day after day i missed him more and more and more each day. I would drive by the school and see his caar parked in the parking lot. Since I know his route from his house to the school, I usually would be around the area exactly at 8:30am because that was the time that we would be in the area. My little brother started attending the high school so I am the one who takes him to school everyday. Everyday that I drop him off, Mr. K is there, so I get to see him everday. it makes me smile to see him, but i would rather be in the school everyday for 8hrs and get to see him everyday for 2-3mins 10-12 times a day. Now i only see him 2-3 times a day. he looks so adorable, cute, sexy, etc more and more each day. I miss him so much!!!! I have never missed someone as much as I miss this man! every night i pray for him to be safe everyday. Lately, Ive started seeing him more often. After school, I goes to the 7 Eleven in our town and he does too. So we see each other there, but i really cant do anything because he goes there with the principal and assistant principal. Mr.K and me cannot talk due to a rumor that started in 2009. I have a necklace that has his picture and name on it. I wear it everyday and I swear it is the most important thing to me. Every night i wish that he would talk to me again.
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Ask him if he is available and doesn't have plans would he like to have lunch with you some weekend. Meeting as friends and catching up no pressure.

???? Girl you have graduated already. Get your butt up and talk to him. Who cares what others think. It's your life. Feeling sorry for yourself and being sad and panicky isn't going to make things better. It will do nothing for you. Go get your man girl. This has nothing to do with anybody at school. This is between you and him alone. :) what happened in the past is gone and it's not happening anymore. Don't ever live in the past. This is the present. Focus on the present moment. Be in the moment baby and move forward. Tell him how you feel. It is time.

Thank you very much. I will take the this into consideration

Lol I'm going to go see him today and see how it goes. Will let u guys know if I spoke to him ok. Thank u so much

Thank u :)