So yep I had my Chemistry exam this morning and surprisingly it wasn't too bad. When I got out of the exam I went to my Chemistry lesson (stupid I know...Chemistry after the exam :-/).
But yeah I got out of the exam late so when I walked in Mr D was talking and he just paused and smiled at me and then carried on as I got to my seat. He basically said we can revise for our other exams.
I started revising for my Physics exam tomorrow. He walked by a little later on and was like "So do you think you got an A?"
I just laughed and was like "No Chemistry's for nerds".
He just pulled this really cute serious face and said "I'm offended" before laughing.
Then he was leaning over my desk reading my Physics book and was like "Oh Hooke's Law that's interesting!"
I was just like "no sir...it isn't" and then he changed and was like "yeah I don't understand how people can find that stuff interesting".
Then later he was asking what exams people had left to do and he said "So is it just Physics and Maths left now then?"
And I sort of frowned because those are the subjects I picked, other people do different subjects. Then he looked at me and sort of realised what he said and was like "Or whatever else you lot take".
But when we crossed in the corridor after it was crowded so I walked really close to him and brushed past him and when I looked back, he was looking back too! Ah I love this man so much :-/
The2ndLaw The2ndLaw
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2013