You Still Want To See Me?

It looks like this semester I won't many long class stories but I may still have long stories on non class days! It was before class and he was behind me coming up and was turned lookin at us and we had eye contact and he waved and smiled and I waved and said hi gently. Then when he was talking to our smaller group and we were in a circle and he stood near me for most of his talking. Then it was near the end of class and I was pulling my chair backwards and saw him behind me(; and I said "this looks good enough" and he was beside me so he said "I should have taken a picture" and I said "that wouldn't help" and he said "yes it would" and I said "no it wouldn't" and he said "yes it would!" (we were basically acting like little kids arguing haha sooo cute we rarely do this!) And I said "how you gon tell me it would help?" and he said "I can tell you whatever I want!" with a little smile. And I said "you can say whatever you want it doesn't mean I have to listen to you!" (after this little argument he kinda stepped closer to me? there was a desk separating us but he kinda stepped then swayed backwards a lil but at his closest it was like he was REAL close to me but it caught me off guard!) And we had a little break where I looked away from him and then he was like "are we meeting tomorrow?" (last semester we made basically a ritual where we would meet every other week. But I figured since I'd be seeing him every week outside of class anyways he wouldn't want to meet with me anymore) And I was like "you wouldn't mind?" and he said "no its fine, or we can meet next week. we will see each other tomorrow anyways" (I am TAing a class with him) and I said "okay that sounds good to me". I just loooove how even though we are seeing each other tomorrow anyways, he still wants to meet with my privately! And when the whole class was doing group work, I'd see him with my peripheral vision facing my direction quite a few times, just like last year when we would be doing group work. So all in all tomorrow shall be interesting!
pnktiger09 pnktiger09
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013