Team Nate Or Team Mr.s?

So who's team are y'all on so far? Hmm, lemme see if today will change y'all's mind(: hehe

First person I saw was Nate today. He smiled and greeted me and I told him how sorry I was that I accidentally gave him the wrong number. He walked me to class and asked if he could see me again later and I said of coarse and he said goodbye. Then I went to homeroom and Mr.S was very weird today! Like, he did everything he could to make me laugh or talk to him. I'd be talking to someone and he'd go, "Rach, what's up?" Or "Have any plans for today?" And I'd just tell him and he'd nod and smile and then he told me a few jokes and I laughed but it was weird. Then someone brought up Nate and I was like, "Ahh I have a story to tell!" No I told them how me and him have been bonding and it was so obvious that Michaels mood changed... It was bad. He became really agitated and annoyed. So then after that I went to science. Well after that we have lunch and Nate was in Mr.S' room. I went by the door to wait for him and he came out and so did Mr.S. I took Nate down the hall and we started talking and laughing and such. Then at lunch Nate came and sat by me and we talked some more and he walked me to math class, which we both take Mr.S' class together. Well I was able to get him to sit by me in class and guys, he is the most charming and sweetest guy I have ever drop my pencil or book and he'd jump out of his seat to get it. It was obvious that we were flirting and Mr.S noticed and his face got all red and he came by us and goes, "Nate." And Nate's like, "yes sir?" And Mr.S didn't say anything, he just walked away with hands clenched. Then me and Nate bonded some more, and then class ended. Michael didn't even call on me today....

Then at the basketball game he was there operating the board and he came and sat by my friends cause that's where the board system was. Well, he smiled at me but I turned my head as if nothing happened. Then my friend goes, "Hey Mr.S!!" And he said hey back... Then the weirdest thing happened... He goes, "Hey Rach." And I turned around and I looked at him like, "what?" I said, "oh hey mr.S..." And smiled and I gave him a weird half smile and he kept looking at me. Why did he say hey?!? ONLY TO ME! It was weird. And during half time, my friend goes, "so you and Nate?" And I'm like, "idk, still thinking about it." And I saw mr.S turn towards me and just look at me... You know that sad look? When you hurt someone or something and they look like they are about to cry look? That helpless despairing look? He gave that to me... I wanted to cry. I felt bad. I was trying to like someone else, but I know it could never be like that. I'd never feel the way I feel for Mr.S for Nate. Mr.S and I have this bond, and even though it's not crazy strong, it is to me. And he must feel something, his actions seem so. But... Idk. And Nate and I are just friends at the moment. He even admitted that he has never had a girlfriend, so I think he kinda likes me too. Now if the choice came to me dating Michael or Nate, who would I pick? I kinda don't know. The pros and cons are totally different.... I mean, they mean a lot to me at the moment. But, I have more history with Michael and that matters to me. Idk, are y'all team Nate or Team Mr.S at the moment? Nate=sweet, gentleman, and is tall and so gorgeous. My age, and funny and great talker. Power lifter, and we are already close. mr.s= dark, mysterious. Handsome, funny, can be rude, older, WAY OLDER. My teacher. Doesn't know me like others do. Cares for me but doesn't tell me.

Which team you guys? Xoxo
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I mean, I love Mr S but ya know, he's your teacher and stuff can't happen cos it's illegal. But Nate.... now he's available, gorgeous and he obv. has feelings for you. so for now....... team NATE

Teaaaaam MR.S but for now Nate

Why are you so hyped up about Mike's change in behavior. Didn't you want him to Persue you and open up a bit towards you? Well that is what is happening. So give it time. Also take it easy with Nate. You just met him. Get to know him as a friend first before you decide to jump all over him and make him the "boyfriend". You don't know him that well.

team nate! :-)
i mean, i'm sooo happy, that this boy Nate came... you have chance to move on from that teacher, (i like him, but he's much older and it doesn't have any future)
it's your choice, this is just my advice... :-)

Go team Michael!