Was It Really An Accident?

when I was in 6th grade, I was the type of student who's always talking and just plain mischievous. It was my history class and Mr.S was my teacher. He was not in the mood to teach so he told us we can do anything, even go to the computer lab. I was not aware that we were not allowed to hang out in the corridor. My class adviser saw me and my friends. She called us and asked us who was our current teacher "Mr.S ma'am" and then she told us to make an excuse letter for going out of the room. So we did make excuse letters and we had to make him sign it. I,obviously, hiding behind my friends. He was signing the letters then it was my turn. He was signing mine a little longer than the others. Then he suddenly said "What the, why the hell am I drawing a heart?" and then they all looked at me and we were both blushing. sadly I lost that paper(****) okay I'm leaving you guys with this one for now. I'll update, maybe, tomorrow.
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oh wow that's adorable!

Thank you :) I still smile whenever I remember this :'>