It's Getting To Much.

It's been way over a year now. I cannot stop thinking about him, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't even bother going to school.
I cannot sleep at all I just lay thinking about him, I day dream about him. Every single day I think about him.
He is the nicest person I have ever met. He's nicer to me than my parents. He really does care about me.

It all started when I walked into his class for the first time as soon as I saw him there was a straight away connection. We always talk everyday at school. He makes me laugh & I make him laugh. He has the greatest smile it lights up the whole room. He once played piano and I played guitar and we looked into each others eyes and there was something there. Something I have never felt before it was the greatest moment of my life. He always gives me that great smile when I see him around.
I always catch him looking at me then he quickly looks away. He gives me top marks even though I failed.
When we are alone he's all lovey Dovey and never shuts up talking about his life asking me questions and not leaving me alone "I love it" but when I am with classmates he's not like that at all he's amazing but not the same. All my feelings are trapped inside me in this little box in sure we do have something everyday something new happens. I can't keep going on like this. I reject all boys who want to take me out I simply can't because I am in love with this guy. I'm all alone just thinking about him. I need to tell him even if he rejects me. I still have to or I don't know what I'm going to do with my life.
I just don't know how to talk to him about it. :(
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I hardly suggest that you should talk to him...I understand how strong are your feelings and how hard this is everyday...And since he has shown something to you that can mean that he might have feelings for you too!!You can talk to him,one day ask him if you can talk alone or you could write him a letter if you cant do it in person(In my situation i wrote the letter...)..Really,this situation between you and him is really beautiful and i think that when you feel ready you should do it...Even if he rejects you then you can tell yourself that you tried...right?Hope i helped you:)Wish you the best!!:)

You can ask if you can talk to him and then just be honest with him and tell him how you feel...dont worry just tell him the truth:)Hope you can do it before he leaves.Good Luck!!:)

Thanks for the advice, i do fell a bit better now. :)
You said "in your situation you wrote a letter, what happened after that?

He didnt do anything:'(.First i told him about my feelings but he didnt take me seriously(i did that two years ago)when i was in my second year of high school.Then i wrote him a letter but again he didnt do anything and i could see that he was avoiding me...I tried many times to talk to him about that but everytime i couldnt tell him everything i wanted:(.(if you want you can read my stories...:)Now i have graduated school but i still love him and im planning to go one day at school just for him to tell him everything i want and say my last goodbye to him.....It really hurts me everyday because i miss him.i cant forget him and i never will.I just want him to know how much i love him and that i will always love him....Im really glad that you feel better.Thanks for asking about my situation:).I really hope you can make it:)

It hurts so much :(
Yes you have to tell him!!!!

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