It Just Feels Different...

So yeah today I've been so stressed about my Physics exam D:
I was stood outside of the Chemistry class waiting for Mr D to come so I started talking to a girl from my Physics class about the exam. We were just talking when suddenly he sort of pushed in between us and he was so close to me, even though the rest of the corridor was clearly empty. But as he passed his eyes sort of met mine because of how close we were.
I was revising Physics in his lesson again and I think he could see how nervous I was so he kept telling jokes to cheer me up which they did. He came over in the lesson and was like "Are you okay because you're really pale" and I was like "Yeah I'm just nervous" and he sort of smiled and said "You'll be fine, just stop stressing". Then Mr D asked what I was doing for my A-Levels (he keeps asking even though he knows :-/). I told him Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths and he said "Oh yeah I did those too, three sciences and maths!"
The boy at the front of the class said "Oh you did the same as ..." (I wont mention names but he's a kid from my class who does the same as me).
Mr D just frowned and said "And I did the same as *Insert my name cause I don't want to disclose it*" and he just looked at me and smiled. It was like he had to say my name. I mean there are three of us who do three sciences and maths but Mr D only mentioned me and then that smile...
Everything just feels different with him, like there's something there (I will NOT be cheesy and say chemistry XD). So yeah, it's so strange.
Then as I was working he kept looking at me. But then we were talking about how we both hate Physics so much so it was okay XD
The2ndLaw The2ndLaw
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013