Aerobics Teacher.

I met my Aerobics teacher at a school event last summer, and well...I fell for her. Would like some support from you all because I'm honestly losing my mind.

We met last year during the summer and I immediately knew, the second I laid eyes on her--that we had a special, intense connection. We both take aerobics class together. Her name is Alison.

The night I met her, we did our class handshake at the end of an aerobics lesson. We all stood in a circle side-by-side and she reached for my hand and held on to it longer than usual. I felt a spark crawl up my spine. Keeping in mind I didn't know this woman, I reminded myself that this sudden feeling was unique. When we got dismissed for class she came up behind me and placed her hand around my waist, so I went ahead and did the same thing. We looked each other in the eyes for a moment. "So, What's your name?" She asked. "Sarah", I said. "I'm Alison" she said, reaching out for my hand as we shook hands. "Nice to meet you," I said, smiling. I noticed a small twinkle in her eye. We talked for a bit and she introduced me to her children who were also in our class.

After my mom came to get me I left, and said goodbye to her. The next day my father took us up to Virginia to visit family. We were going to stay there for 3 weeks so it would mean I couldn't see her for that long. I could sense myself falling deeply for her, and I was in a deep depression because I wouldn't be able to see her. I got through it, however, and about 6 months passed until I would see her again.

One night I met up with a close friend from the class. "What ever happened to ...Alison?" I asked. "I miss her."
He looked at me quite sharply and replied "She hasn't been doing too well...she's had some arguments with her husband and now they're going to get a divorce. A couple days ago she fractured her wrist." My heart sank for this woman I hardly knew. "Oh my goodness," I replied. "Her strength is what makes her an extremely admirable person." I whispered.
"Can you please talk to her for me? I want to get in touch with her." My heart was swelling with emotions I couldn't disclose. "Have you ever felt--a connection to someone you didn't even know that was deeper than words?" I questioned. He looked at me, his eyebrows slightly raised. "Yes, it's happened before."
"Well that's what I feel with Alison, she's like....a sister."
"I'll tell her for you."
"Thanks," I said.
I could finally rest assured we could keep in touch.

Days passed and Sean (my guy-friend from class) came to my house.
"I talked to her for you." He said.
Happiness was circulating through my veins.
"She says she misses you too and wants to keep in touch. I got her number for you."
My ears couldn't believe what they were hearing.
He handed me a slip of paper with her number and leaned in and whispered, "she wants you to text her."
I hurriedly took out my phone and dialed her number.
"Hey Alison, It's Sarah!!" I said, as my fingers fumbled across the keys nervously.
"Hey, you found me!" She texted back.
We texted back and forth for the next couple hours and I let her know I would always be here for her no matter what. She said thank you and said she felt the same way about me and that I could always come to her for anything. I trust her soo much, and as time went on -- our friendship has deepened.

I invited her to a New Years party at the beginning of the month. When she came over, we stood in awe at each other for a moment and hugged tightly. "I missed you so much," I whispered in her ear as I rested my head on her shoulder. "I missed you too." she whispered back. I felt like this was some sort of unrequited love. For the whole night, we flirted with each other. What started as a playful touch, became more serious as the night carried on. We were taking pictures, so my parents wanted me to take a picture with her and Sean. We all stood Side-by-side, with our backs facing the wall. Alison slipped her hands behind my back and let them trail over my backside. It felt so wrong, yet soo right. I got butterflies and tingling sensations all over me. It was such an amazing feeling. When we were done we walked over to the kitchen and sat down at the table. I sat right next to her so we were arm-to arm as our feet gently nudged each other's under the table. She rested her hand on mine for a moment, so I took mine and rested it on top of hers and trailed a small circle on it with my fingers. I immediately drew away when I realized what I was doing. A couple minutes later she invited me to a short dance. The way she moves left me in awe and fascinated. She whispered in my ear "would you get in the mood if I gave you a little bit of my drink?" I smirked and said "maybe."

Sean invited us outside to talk while he lit up a cigar. Alison and I got our coats and headed outside. There was only one chair out on the balcony so she slid over and let me sit with her. Sean handed Alison a cigar and lit it up for her. "I'm so nervous," she said. I wrapped my arms around her as she puffed out some smoke. She handed me hers. "wanna try? it'll be our little secret." she smiled. I took it from her and took a puff, quite hesitantly. We walked around the neighborhood a couple minutes later around 2am, our hands slightly nudging each others. Oh how I absolutely adored the contact!

We stayed quiet for a bit as we continued walking.
"What would you do if you started to develop feelings for someone you knew you shouldn't have feelings for?" I blurted out. She stopped abruptly and turned to look at me. Tears started welling up in my eyes.
"I'd trust my intuition and get to know them better and start off as friends"

I think I love her. It's hard to explain. I mean, I met her once and then BAM I felt a connection to her that was beyond words. Has anyone else felt this before? If so, please add/message me so we can talk.

That was just about the best night of my life, and when she left--I swear we ALMOST kissed. Almost. "I had so much fun tonight" a text message read, shortly after.
We texted the next day and she ended up taking me out to dinner. After dinner we stopped by at K-mart and looked for somethings she needed.
When she dropped me off at home she rolled down her window and said "text me!"
So I did. Confused, I texted her back although she never replied. I wanted to talk to her sometime around 9 but she didn't pick up, so she ended up calling me at 1 in the morning. lol.

She asked me if I was going to Aerobics class the next day and I said yes. However, that next day my parents said I couldn't go so I texted her and let her know.
"Keep smiling, beautiful." she texted back. My heart fluttered.
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Jan 11, 2013