We Adore Each Other Ya'll(:

So today was just adorable, I love this man (not like that lol). I was standing with another TA and he came over and tapped my back with the papers he was holding and I said “why you gotta do that?” and he said “oh sorry did it hurt?” with sarcasm in his voice and I said “yes I'm sensitive” and we kinda laughed. He was telling the group of us something and kinda looked at me with a smirk and I said “why you gotta look at me like that!” and he put his hand up in my face and I said “why you doing that?” and he said “because when I look at you I get in trouble!” in the cutest tone ever! And I said “because you look at me with an attitude” and he made a ‘really now’ face and asked this boy if he's looked at him with an attitude and the boy said no never and he asked a girl and she said sometimes and he was like “dammit” and started smiling aahaah! I asked him a question while he was typing and he said “unlike some people in this room” and pointed at ME, “I can't do multiple things at the same time” and I said “why you gotta say it like that!” hahah he always has to attack me about something! He was staring at me when he was done talking about grading things and was walking over to me and he said “can I look over your shoulder?” and I said “I guess” and people laughed and he sighed and stood behind me and said “that's not what you meant” in a sing song voice and I said “yes then” lol. I told him a boy, that reminds me of him, started talking to me online lol and he said he already likes the boy! Then I said “I like having someone to argue with” and he said “and it’s good to have someone who can do it back” and I said “exactly” but the look in his eyes said to me that we both knew we were talking about each other which I loved(: I was checking the people's names off and he said “you must get a lot of satisfaction checking off people's names?” And I looked back at him and he had that face of sarcasm and I was like “you know what! I don't have time for your... Antics” and he said he was being endearing and I said “no you’re not!” He was talking about how it can be boring sitting in a small room alone aka an office and I smiled, looked down, then back up at him and he was staring at me when carried on talking. But I took this as when I would come see him he wasn’t bored anymore?
We were looking for a piece of paper and he found it and kinda snatched it from where he found it and I said “don’t be snatching stuff I was gonna take a picture of it!” and he said “that's a good idea I do that sometimes too” and then I kinda snatched it from him, playfully of course haha(:

I asked him about this test day and he said he had to be there and I said why and he said he was helping and I said why would you do that? And he said someone has to then he whispered I agree with you though and I laughed and said imma tell on you and he said noooo don't do that hahaha! He was blocking up my way at one point so I said “get out of my way!” and he said yes ma'am or something cute like that and moved lmao. He was writing an email and I said I know that’s more important than me and he said “yeah-well uhhhhh no” and I was like awww! When I sat down in his office I told him we hadn't seen each other in a few weeks and he laughed and said yeah we have a lot of catching up to do and I was like awwww! He asked me if I still worked at the same place this semester and I said “yes you should come visit me!” and he said “if I ever left this building and went down the way yeah I would come see you” and then I started telling him my work schedule and he said “it’s at night though” and I said “yeah” and he said “by that time I’m…” and I said “at home with your babies” and he nodded at me and I said “they are more important than me” and smiled so he knew I never want to cross that line.
He told me if he forgot to email us that I should remind him and I said oh you know I’ll do that and he smiled at me and I left haha. I had to work for another 15min weekly for the schedule and I kinda looked at him with puppy dog and pleading eyes and he kinda waved me off and said it was fine and I was very pleased with myself! I told him he needs to come earlier to the class he teaches me in and he smiled and said “I can just give you the key and you can open the door for everyone” and then he said he will try to come earlier so if he actually does, that means he really does listen to me. He has showed in the past that he does listen to the things I suggest.
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Aww this is just so great :) Its so nice to be able to have this kind of interaction with your teacher...and in that sense, the teacher that you really like :)) How I wish that the teacher I love and I could become someone like you and this man you're talking about :D

yes I adore how we can interact with each other because most teachers wouldn't do this with me!

So true. This is a rare one. There must be really something :))) Good start for you! :D

oh we've been doing this since last semester but thank you!!(:

Hahahaha this is awesome.

I agree!

Wow, it sounds like he is VERY MUCH into you!

hahah I like to think so(:

no comments? :(