Why So Quiet?

Today was weird.... Idk. Like, he doesn't make sense and like ughhh idk. He umm like idk today... Oh so today he was like, how do I describe it, umm, like.... Quiet and sad and mad and agitated all at the same time?

I walked in a said hey to him and he did his simple hello and smile to me. It was normal. Then all of a sudden he became cranky. And as usual, he stood by me for prayer and whatnot. Then after prayer he walked away and whatnot and then the bell rang and I was one of the last people out and as he was walking towards me I said, "Bye Mr.S" and I wave by him and he looks up and goes quietly, "bye Rach, have a good weekend..." And walks back to his desk and slumps into his chair. I kind of stay by his door instead of keeping going and I look at him and after about 2 seconds he looks up and notices I'm still there and I give him a sad smile and go, "you too." And take a deep breath and walked out.

Nate and I are getting closer. We sat together at lunch but I wasn't really as interested in our convo because Nate was finishing up some classwork and I wasn't really in the mood to talking. So as Nate starts talking I zone out as Mr.S walks out the cafeteria and he starts looking around. He come by the table next to mine and stands there and then he suddenly stops looking. He looked straight at me with that sad puppy look I explained to y'all the other day and gave me a weak grin. I gave a weak smile back and turned back to Nate because he was asking if I was okay and I said yeah and then I turned around and didn't see Mr.S, he disappeared. I looked around frantically and Nate kept talking and I started to get a bit panicy, I thought I just was going crazy. Then I turn all the way around to find Mr.S walking to the gym with him hands in his pockets, looking distressed and tired. I started to feel bad and wanted to go talk to him but then it started raining and I didn't want to go out into the rain and stop my convo that I wasn't exactly listening too. Nate then asked if I wanted to have lunch with him and I agreed. And then we talked but I couldn't stop thinking about Mr.S, he was on my mind all day, not Nate. Why would hate? He's my friend, I am not really sure if I like LIKE him, I do like him but as a friend.

I went on with the rest of the day really kind of not myself because I didn't see him rarely except for when I passed his class. I missed him and his voice and his scent and him. I missed him. One day he's jealous then the next he tries to get my attention and the next day he's a sad puppy. I don't know how to please this man... :/

When I got home, Nate texted me. He's the sweetest guy. He really is. I can't ask for a better friend. He's not like a normal guy. He has real feelings and has NEVER had a girlfriend and his goal in life is to be the best guy he can be to everyone. He's great and funny and I am 90% sure he likes me. But, I could be wrong. I don't really care though, I know my feelings for Michael are stronger and I know I like him genuinely.

I'm going to bed to think about all of this, goodnight my darlings. Xoxo
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

He seems alot older than you. Do you want to wait for him until you are 18 and have graduated? Do you think he is inlove with you too and like really attracted to you? With him being in school teaching it might be a problem dating him. Nate seems nice. Do you think it would be better for you and Michael to be with other people. You two can be teacher and student and also best friends. I like what you two have..he he. When you graduate you can see if the love is still strong. :)

Maybe it time to find out what is going on with him? Do you want to ask him what's up and does he need to talk to you about something because he keeps looking at you all sad and its bugging the heck out of you. If he doesn't want to talk about it that's cool too and you will bugger off. Lol

Sounds like you have a lot to think about! I'd recommend taking it slow with Nate until you've figured things out. If you don't end up dating Nate, he would still be an awesome friend to have!