Please Don't Hide It....

Another story of Mr.S :) If you've already read my previous stories you know that we're both shy when we're both together. Or just when we see each other. Every time I pass by him he would look down while walking but still trying to look ahead so will I. When we're about to pass by each other, our eyes will just look at each other and smile smile shyly. We don't really talk to each other but one smile is all it takes to realize that we both like each other. Let's look at some points here. He's shy around me, we both stutter when we talk to each other, I always catch him looking at me, he's calm when it comes to me, and he's gentle with me. Let's go back a few story shall we? Do you guys remember when I made him smile and blush? He blushed because someone told him I have a crush on him. He was trying to hide it but I saw it..He was all red. :)
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I would talk to him, I mean, I know that you like him from afar but I would talk to him. I know it is hard though. I am very attracted to my professor, but I talked to him and it ended up that he was attracted to me and liked me too.

talk to him...let me think about that..but for you to get a peak of what will happen I'll post a story about the time when we talked. :))