Was He Just Scared Of Me Before? :(

So looking back at about the early and middle part of last semester, I notice my professor acted a little strange toward me? Like I remember once he said we could follow him to his office after class to see an assignment, I was the only one who went. But when we were walking it was kinda really awk like he barely held the door for me, and there was just this really weird vibe. At the very end of the semester we were walking somewhere again but he was much more relaxed and held the door for me and the vibe was just very very nice and a complete turn around from the time before. I would also notice at the beginning of the semester if I was kinda lagging behind everyone else to finish something he would nicely tell me I could finish it later which would kinda hurt me because I felt like he didn't want to be alone with me. Lately I haven't been put in that situation again but when I would lag behind he wouldn't gently shoo me away, we would be fine with each other's company.

I've noticed this and it makes me wonder exactly what changed between us? I know we got closer as the semester went on and that's probably why. But I wonder if he was weird around me before because HE was nervous about being around me, or he thought I would make a move on him, or some other weird reason. What do you all think? You can read the rest of my stories if you need more background though
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It could be that reason but it depends on your body language around him. Teachers are generally stand off-ish because they arent sure what kind of student you are.
My teacher is only just beginning to understand me and that I'm not quiet because I'm scared to talk to him. Teachers dont usually treat you weird unless they know for certain you like them, and if that was the case he probably would avoid talking altogether :) just focus on the future and worry less about the past :)

Yeah I figure I don't really hide my lil crush on him and if he was scared I was going to act on it he woulda stopped talking to me a loooooong time ago. I guess he was just being cautious with me but now since we know each other a lil better he can let his gaurd down

Yeah, don't worry about it, from your stories he seems to like you a lot anyway so just chill and enjoy your time with him :)

Amen to that, this may be the last semester I have him as an official teacher but If It is I think we both know we will hopefully still see each other after this anyways.