Some Other Teacher Came Along =))

Lets call him Mr. J =))) Once, my schoolmate visited his office to ask for some help and they spent almost the whole day together in his office talking. My schoolmate saw him looked at my profile in facebook in his laptop. He looked at everything in my timeline until the very end! I was like woah :))) He really looked at everything. (I kinda felt shy & embarrassed thinking what i have posted in my FB profile all this time lol and he's looking at everything! Haha!) My friends even joked, "You've got a STALKER!" LOL! XDD So I was like...oh my gosh! Weee! Actually, i barely notice him before. Just your ordinary teacher going to your classroom, teaches some lesson then goes out then comes back again for another period. But that "news" just grabbed my attention and made me really notice him! :)))
Okay, so this my first story that i'll share here in EP. :) Actually, I have a crush on only one of my teachers. It's the first time for me to have a crush specially serious crush to a teacher. That's new for me since its so not like me to have crushes on people like teachers and guys older than me (though he is just 4 years older).Though, this story is not about him. :P (though I'd post stories about my interaction with him next time) It's just that, there is some other teacher of mine (Mr. J) that I have "more 'positive' happenings" with than my teacher-crush.
Niea65 Niea65
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013