Stare In The Stairs =)))

This is another story about Mr. J :) (If you happen to read my previous story about him -- and how I came to notice him "Another teacher came along =)))"). I really commend & liked that he always say my name like in almost all of his sentence when he talks to me and that he pronounces it correctly (My name is unique & kinda hard to pronounce). LOL like he really likes saying my name. I rarely see or hear him do that to others. One time, I saw him post an episode of a show that he once starred in. He said that he sorely missed acting. Then I commented on the link saying that wow, he was once an actor and why did he stopped. He replied that its because he has little opportunity and blahh. Then I said that he should continue and should seize every opportunity he has no matter how small it is. He said thanks and now thinks that he should really continue it. There were also times that I catch him glancing and staring at me during classes. One time, he stared at me first for quite some time before striking a conversation. I was just like...woooaah!! There was also a time wherein my seatmate asked him a kinda personal question then he often looked at me (only to me & my seatmate who asked the question though there were other students just near us).

There was a time when my friend and I were about to go upstairs but then we froze on our tracks, as well as Mr. J who was already uptairs in the corridor talking with some boys from the lower year level. He looked straight and deep right at me for a really long time! Its so hard to describe his stare but there was really something! We remained like that for quite some time until I finally decided to continue my pace & go up as if nothing happened and walked pass right him and entered my classroom. As I approach the door, my friend was keeping her scream and finally let it out. She excalaimed "Why did he stare like that?!" She was blushing all over. His glare was quite different & intense. I thought that it was just me who thinks that he's staring at me but even my friend thought of it that way! And she said that even though he is staring AT ME, she felt like an ice scream melting LOL! His glare was really melting. Its like full of passion lol.

Whenever we meet in the corridors, I always find him looking at me already - and when he looks, its so like he is so focused! - then I would just say "Hi Mr. J" then he'll say hello then as if he was just waiting for me to greet him first. He looks at me intently and intensely! Sometimes, he'll even stutter when talking to me. And when he looks, its as if I'm the only one he sees. One of my friends even jokely remarked, "K, fine. Its just only you who he sees. Only you he greets." Hahaha. (we were in a huge crowd that time)
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Interesting story..:)

thanks!! :D

Is he a Scorpio?

He's a Virgo. Why? :))

Lol scorpio's have a penetrating stare and they are thinking so many things all at one time and when they stare at you it is easy to notice. Virgo's are fun and loud and a hand full. :) :)) Though he's a Virgo..he sure got that trait of Scorpios! lol =)))

Lusty stares lol. You got to watch the lust thing. Love is better than lust.

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