Memories and Maths

So yeah I had my last exam today (Math D:) so when I got the exam I was quite tired but relieved my exams are over until June.
So yeah in Chemistry today we were supposed to have Mrs B but she was busy (thankfully) so we got Mr D instead.
So I went in his class and the second I got in the door he was like "how did your maths exam go?"
I told him it went okay and he was like "Oh I knew you would be fine anyway".
Well we were working together to remember out prefixes for organic chemistry but me and the girl who sits next to me were talking about when we met on the induction day for the school.
Basically we went to the Chemistry workshop and I did the experiment with her (ah the first time I met Mr D, seems so long ago). And basically he gave us a plastic crucible and we may have accidentally melted I snuck past him and put it in the bin, thinking he had not seen me.
Well me and the girl were laughing about how we got away with it but Mr D was sorting books on the row behind us. He sort of just came up by me and said "I did see you but thanks for being so honest with me girls".
And I said "It was only plastic" and he frowned and said "You completely annihilated that crucible, you crazy woman" XD
I love how we can have a laugh though because I finished my exercise book so he signed it so I can get a new one from the prep room. I was like "What are you doing doodling on my book?" And he said "I thought you wanted my autograph, I just added value to that book with my signature" and he pouted. Ah so cute XD
But yeah he's pretty dumb at times. Like today the classroom was warm and he was like "I'm really hot" and everyone just started laughing and he didn't get it for a while.
Then he just went "I mean I'm warm" and he smiled at me cause I was laughing. Aw he's so adorable XD
The2ndLaw The2ndLaw
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013