Mission Impossible 1

If you've been reading my past post...I'm very shy around him. So if I do get the courage to talk to him I always stutter. It was a week after my graduation and I had to go get my card and pictures from him. I was really,super,overly,greatly,highly,can't even think straight nervous because my mom did not even come with me. I had to talk to him alone. don't worry it's not going to end bad :)

I saw him and told him that I'm going to get my card and pictures. here's the real story: "excuse me sir...I wa-wa-want to uhmm..get my ca-card" me looking away because of I was feeling awkward.."his reply, he was also looking away while playing with his arms "uh yeah sure let me get it in the teacher's lounge" "..o-okay sir"...hands it to me "uhmm..thank sir" "no problem" smiles shyly at me. okay that was before here's a little more updated version. it was last summer and I was going to enroll myself. since I'm now a junior I should now how to answer my application forms but my mom was still there if I ever needed help.(fyi I'm only 14..and yes I'm a junior) we were in front of the registrar and he was there. so I was a little nervous and I didn't know how to act. just trying to look busy so I wouldn't have to look at him. he stood in front of me so I moved a little to the right. he then moved at the side of the table, far from me. when I was finished filling up my applications I stood behind my mom because mr.S was beside us. He was looking at me and maybe he noticed that I was a blushing. He just stared at me and I avoided eye contact by putting my head in my mom's shoulder. he then said "G*****" he said my name and was smiling at me so I looked at him and I don't know how I really reacted. But I'm guessing I was blushing,smiling,trying to act normal, and hiding my face at the same time. see? that's the reason why I can never talk to him. I WOULD MAKE A FOOL OUT OF ME! maybe, just maybe, next year when I graduate I will tell him how I really feel. even though he already knew that ever since the 2nd week of classes 4 years ago.
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Jan 15, 2013