"hatb" 1/15/13

Tomorrow is my last day in his class :( I'm getting a little depressed about it. I really wanted an A in his class as my final grade, but when we took exams and I made a D, it brought my grade down to a B. Then we did this project and I made a 100 on it, but it only brought me up one point. I was really upset because my goal for the semester was to make an A. I guess Mr. H could tell that I was really upset about it, and he called me over to his desk. I asked him if I was in trouble and i didn't hear what he said, so I just walked over.
He was pointing to his computer screen and showing me my grades from the semester just saying what I made and what were my highest and lowest grades and stuff. and He said, "will your parents be pissed or something if you didn't get an A?" and i said "no it was just a goal that i set for myself at the beginning of the year" and he said that the grade I made was actually really good because that was the hardest level that we were taking, so that made me feel a little better. I just really wanted to impress him an it was depressing seeing that my grade wasn't so impressive. His opinion really means a lot to me because I really like him. Tomorrow is my last day in his class, should I say anything?
kelly1333 kelly1333
Jan 15, 2013