Today was boring. I had a horrible day. I broke my Coach purse. :( wahh. Okay, enough with my issues, now on to Michael. We didn't talk or stare today. He didnt even stand by my desk for prayer. He looked at me once, and that was it. I hate Nate (many reasons, he said "yeah, she likes me but it's weird cause she follows me.) um wtf, dude, I only see you once a day and I NEVER see him in the halls and I don't tell him hey like I did the first week. My friend told me what he said and I'm just totally pist. Anyways, Michael and I just didn't talk today and it made me sad. I had questions to ask him, but I didn't which is partly my fault. And I went to a basketball game though and I caught his gaze and held it. That's about it.

That gaze made me a lot happier, I can say that(:
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I'm sorry your day sucked. :( On the bright side, at least you don't have to be confused about your feelings toward Michael/Nate anymore!

I know! Lol(: