Woah Holy Sh*t

Hmm nothing huge happened... Except something huge did happen... In his pants(; if ya know what I mean(;

Um.. Anyways. So, today was alright, we didn't really talk a lot. I went back to his classroom when he was alone again and put my stuff down. He was so cute, I walked in and put my stuff down and then turned to him. "hey Rach." He goes. I smile and say, "hey mr.S" and then I walked a bit closer to his desk and he kind of glanced at me and noticed that I was coming closer so he leaned back in his desk and kind of stretched his arms and whatnot. AS I SAW HIM LEAN A BULGE APPEARED IN HIS PANTS. WTF. I died. I literally saw the thing like come up and my face was like, 'omggg" and he noticed that I saw and then he hurried up and stopped stretching and kind of scooted in his desk and he cleared his throat all nervously and then was like, "did you need something?" And he got all red and I was like, "uhhh no not really, I just wanted to know if umm you uhhh...." And I couldn't concentrate so I was like, "...how long it takes you to run your mile!?" And he was like, "oh.. Really? That's it? Umm.. Well. A few years ago I could run the mile in 5 minutes but since I'm older, it's a bit (emphasis ((HE SAID IT LIKE THIS)) ) harderrrr now. It's about 7 1/2 minutes now." And he kind of laughed all nervously and I did too. Then I was like, "alright, we'll ill see you in class." And he was like, "okay Rach..." And I hurried up and left. Then like 5 minutes later my friend came back and gave me my jacket and I went to go put it in the room and I was like, "I'm coming in!" And he turned around quickly and was like staring me down lol. Then in class he stared at me half the time. Oh and in class, I accidentally made a sexual reference and he heard and usually he gives detentions if he hears them BUT HE LAUGHED AT MINE WTF AGAIN! And oh he called me Rachel in class after the ***** incident.

Dude, none of y'all probably want to know this, but if his **** looks THAT big while bulging, then it must look glorious when it's not. Ahhhhh I was so terrible today >.< hope everybody had a good day, mine was a bit weird. Xoxo
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I've read a few of your posts and thought they were interesting, and very good reads. It's nice that you're this close with your teacher.
However, I have a question; your age range is 13-15, but what is your exact age? I don't wanna sound like I'm ******* on your parade, but if you're like 14, it's a little strange for him to be attracted to someone so young... Normally this is frowned upon, so I'm just surprised to see people being really encouraging with their comments... Not that I'm saying they shouldn't be! I just thought that an older man being apparently attracted to an underage girl was normally seen as wrong?.

It is seen as wrong, before this all happened, I honestly thought it was discusting. I guess, most of these people want a fantasy to come to life, not just mine, but theirs also. And to maybe see if mine does come true, who would really care how old I would be? I'm 13, turning 14. I certainly don't look or act 13, I think that's why he maybe has some sort of interest, maybe. Thank you for reading though! :) comments are always accepted!

Yeah i guess if you're more mature, that plays a massive part in it. I was just curious to understand reasoning behind it, but I guess you don't know until you're in that situation!
Well you're very lucky, because I'm much older and can't manage to snag my professor! Hahah. Best of luck to you, anyway

I am not surprised. What sexual reference did you make if you don't mind me asking?

They were saying something about why we can't go to dances with the seniors and juniors and I said, "it's because they'll take advantage of us hehehe" and everyone knew what I was talking about, even Michael. It wasn't a terribly bad one like i usually say, but in front of him and how deductively I said it, it was bad lol. Why aren't you surprised?...

I love when that happens lol! I think I did it to my prof and it's weird because I wasn't even trying to cause it. Poor dudes can't hide their true feelings bahahaha

Haha it's such a turn on to me when my teacher that happens I go to heaven people find it nasty but haha

Wow I was having a bad day until this story made me laugh. Especially the 'harderrr' XD it sounds like its 'hard' for him to act normal around you (oh that was such a bad joke lol).

Haha he was so "hard" after that, I've had some very nice and lifelike daydreams. XD lol
Well, I'm glad I can make people laugh (: It was a bit awkward, but it was great, it made me laugh so hard after class.