I Think He Said It<3

Here I am writing about him again,a new semester has started and all our classes had to change but I still have one class with Mr.Ramirez,but it's not the same one I took last semester,

it is kind of hard to explain but there's a lot of kids like me who come from Mexico and I was in the class called English for Newcomers that means that it's for kids who don't know English at all,so I made very good friends there but later he realized that my English than more advanced than theirs so he changed that class for the one of English SOL (with different people) but I still saw my old friends in the class of Reading but now he wants me to have another class with him called Creative Writing (and damn it is so hard:() I was happy that I was going to see him for MORE TIME but I was upset because i won't see my friends anymore And the whole point its that I was like "But mr Ramirez it is too hard and I'll fail" and he goes "trust me sweetie you won't" and I go "and I won't see my friends anymore" and he goes "you'll make new friends and this class will give you more credits,it's for your own good" and I was like "oh my Lord sir WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?" and he saaaaays.. "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU THAT'S WHY" omg the whole class stared at us for like 5 seconds and I was totally red and nervous..I just turned around pretending I was looking for some paper and then the bell rang and everyone left like nothing had happened so he came closer to me and I did what I NEVER though I'd do..I whispered in his ear "I love you so" and he grabbed my hand and gave me a light kiss but Aaaagh I think I shouldn't:( I just hope I dot blow it now that I'll get to see him more time. but as h says "it's for my own good"<3
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I only want to say that "I love you" is commonly said by teachers to their students. Obviously.
All my teachers say they love me. x3
But um...continue to believe what he meant. ;3

Oh god I'm happy for you! :D kinda the same thing happened to me with my teacher when he went all over school looking for me to give me my homework and I told him the next day "why did you go looking for me" and he said : because that's how much I love you" then he smiled. Omg it was the best day ever.! :D

Jealous JEALOUS!