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I came out the hospital days ago but I'm being watched like a hawk and I get so much lunch packed embarrassing and now I got to do a weight in every week FML...
I went to school A told me he's been asking about me ugh I'm still pist at him but happy he still cares she said she didn't tell him what happen ...A is a little freaked out by what happen but I understand but she's always there for me...
I went to school and avoided him after finishing other classes I was walking to his class he was staring but I wanted skip I couldn't I was walking and it's like 5 min before his class starts he said hey S can I talk to u for a min... I told him I can't I have to get something from my locker he kinda glared then went in his class I became like 3 min late but he didn't say anything he kept staring but I didn't look at him but I miss him I just Wana be with him but at the same time I don't know but I can't stand the thought about anyone being with him... So when the bell rang for lunch, he said S will you please stay after class for a min everyone stared as if I was in I sat ...after everyone left
Him:Will you talk to me
Him:I know how I acted the other day, I'm sorry it shouldn't of happened..
Me: why am I here I whispered I felt the tears comin up I hate crying in front of people but he regretted it
Him: please look at me
I just ignored him
Him: will you tell me what happened A said you went to the hospital....
I seen you it broke me seeing my student in a ambulance
Me I'm thinking **** he saw me
Me: Are we..done here one damn tear escaped I wiped it with the back of my hand..and kinda got mad
Him: If you ever Wana talk I'm here
Me: umm thanks..
He went behind his desk and wrote something
He gave me him number I would of been happy but he ******* did it out of pity! That look the same look I got in the hospital -_-... ..I put it in my hand crumbled it but didn't show him but I kept it..
I got up and tried to leave he grabbed my arm but someone called out side the classroom I left...

Lunch: A kept watching me eat but I kept breaking my food into pieces but ate for her sake damn calories -_-...
I did see him but I didn't look his way....

Pity I hate it -__-
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Sweetie! I know what you're goin through! Message me! I've got the same thing (if not similar thing) going on here!

Did you ever call/text him!?

Lol I did I'll write a story about it

NO TEXTING! Listen you are a young woman now not a little 13 year old. The man is an adult .... Call himmmmmmm.

I don't have the guts to...I don't think we will be able to hold a convo