Mass, Hallelujah!

Wow today was just like wow. OMG, I just can't even!

Okay so in homeroom he came and stood by me and my friend goes, "OMG mr.S, your hair is soooo fluffy today!" And she laughed! (Usually his hair is gelled and such so it was gorgeously flying through the wind today! Lol) and he goes, "Haha, yeah I need a haircut!" And we all laughed and then we ended up having mass. Well me and my bestfriend Skylar got into a fight today so I tried to make up with her and she let me sit by her at mass. Well we went to the back of the line and mr.S was towards the front. Well, he went up the stairs to get to his seat in the gym and then when it was our turn, I ended up being right in front of him! It made me a bit uncomfortable cause his knee was like in my back so he scooted a bit down but then Mrs.B came by and he was waving her over but she didn't come. So instead of staying where he was, he moved. Wtf. He moved allllll the way down and it made me sad :( so during mass, at the 'give people peace part' I was shoving peace signs everywhere and shaking hands and then Mrs.B goes, "Hey Rach, peace!" And gave me the peace sign and I did it back and then I looked at mr.S and he gave me a smile and wave and I was like, "Hey, Mr.S, peace." And I gave him the peace sign and I smiled at him and OMG guys his face was soooo freak king adorableeee. He started turning red and then he looked down and started smiling at the ground and he couldn't stop smiling for no joke like 5 minutes. He makes me so happy! Then after mass, I was talking to Mrs.B about how cute her sweater was and Mr.S came right in front of me and I said something and he turned around and smiled right at me and I started laughing! So he looked at me all weirdly and I'm like, "HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm weirddddd.' And he was like, "oh Rach.."

Then the bell rang and lunch came. Well we have this rule where we can't print anything at school anymore. But guess who decided to test Mr.S today? Me! I went up to him as people were walking out and I was like, "can I print something?" And he's like, "ummm is it important?" And I'm like, "yeah. It's due tomorrow and I don't---" and I didn't even get to finish my sentence before he goes, "alright, just don't tell anyone." Dude, I died. Then he goes by his door and I'm like, "thanks Mr.S" and he started getting all cute again with his blushing and smiling and then he goes, "um, would you like me to wait or would you like to lock the door behind you?...." And I was like, "I'll lock the door behind me, go eat some lunch." And I smiled and looked at him with that dreamy look and he started smiling again and he was like, "okay, we'll, uhhh, umm, I guess if you don't need me... Then I'll go... See you later Rach." And I dreamily said bye and he kind of closed the door all slowly and OMG he is just so cute xD

Then soccer got cancelled so I had to stay in the gym where the buys basketball practice. Well, I tried to stay by the door so I could watch them practice and whatnot and he literally kept coming where I was looking and he'd look at me and he waved at me and smiled and I waved back and then the boys on the team stopped running cause they were looking at us and he got mad so he made them run more lol. I'm a distraction hahahah. Man, I am really falling him. Everything he does just makes me so happy inside and even though he may control me a bit, it's because I can't help we but wonder what he thinks about me or even if he does. This man has me tied around his fingers and I'm not even sure he knows it! Oh well, I have him twice tomorrow! Love y'all! Xoxo, comment and keep reading, it's appreciated! Byeeee
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Lol he styled his hair just for you.

That would be amazing! I hope he doesn't get a haircut lol xD

I really think he likes you.

Still deciding, but I think so too lol

Omg always love your stories (;

I love your comments and reads(: