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Well today was short but cute again. So he came in and was by the front desk and said "the desks are close to the front today" and kinda looked around my section and our eyes met and he said "Well goodmorning" and kinda slyly looked away smirking and looked back at me and I glared at him and said "it's too early!" and he said "it's too early for everyone not just you" and I said "you know what? whatever!" and he smiled at me and I was like awww(:

But the most interesting part of today was this...So I was doing the partner work during class and me and my partner had our desks facing each other. So one of the teacher's assistant's came on one side of me and partner and my professor came on the other side. Why they chose to have a convo right over me and my partner, I couldn't tell you! Anyways what got me was that my professor's junk wasn't even 6 inches away from my face! And neither I nor he moved away, granted things like that have happened before but he'd be standing a good foot or more away. The past few days it's like we don't care how in close of proximity we are of each other anymore....
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Just grab it and do him on the desk! Mannn I want y'all together soooo baddddd

Haha oh I WISH! But it's weird ever since we have gotten back from break he's been acting kinda new (but in a good way) like just teasing me more than ever!

Ohhh take advantage of it my dear(;

Oh I am! And today, well ill message it to ya don't want all my business out there lol


Can you "add me" on here? It won't let me do it :(

It won't lemme add you either :(

It says you don't allow to communicate with underage members.. Maybe look in settings or something?

Okay I tunrned that off, try again? It still won't let me


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