I'm Wrong...

I should be lucky that he cares...
But I'm wrong for saying I love you when we were kissing should I just go along and say it was a mistake too
I'm crazy about him but he said it was a mistake I'm going through so much **** but at the end of the day he makes me to crazy I love him but maybe it's lust but every time I think of him I don't even know how to explain it his eyes god his stumble below his chin why would he want a girl like me ....?!
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How old is this guy? I really think you can find someone else who is not a teacher and who is more available to be with you. If you let this anger inside of you fester and indulge it constantly you are going to have some major issues. When a person holds on to such things for months and years even it will come out completely wrong, negative and so explosive to the 25th power when the person finally lets it out. So since he gave you his phone number it would be a good thing to talk to him on the phone. He really would rather you talk to him in person. <br />
So talking at school before class about such intense personal things with him might not be the most comfortable. You do what you need to do. These comments I am making are only suggestions. Next time he wants to talk do not talk out of anger. Be calm and explain to him how you feel about him and the whole situation. Be direct and straight foreword to the point in a good way so he knows you are serious. No yelling at him or slamming things. Don't lower yourself to that level. Be confident in yourself. <br />
No more starving yourself and this self hatred. There are people and children all over the world dying because they have no help and are not able to get food and some of them have completely given up on themeselves. You have a good mother that loves you, a house to live in, a bed to rest your head and plenty of food to eat. Alot of people don't have such luxuries in life. Be thankful to God that you were created and that you were given these things in your life. Thank God for still being alive. There is a good reason God did not allow you to die.<br />
I died twice and came back. First time I died I was 14. I didn't like myself I felt like life was a drag. I never felt truely loved and felt like a outsider. When my body died I didn't know where I was .... I didn't know ANYTHING about life, God, my self worth. I did hear the universe and the people talking and going about there lives in different places and children laughing in there houses. I was flying through darkness. I didn't feel whole and fulfilled and that my life didn't amount to anything. I came to a white light and something grabbed me and said "Go back it is not time yet". I said "no it is terrible there I don't want to go back I want to stay with you. Inside I felt stilled and calmed down very quickly after saying that and the being was like "stop ! you will get it ...now go" I ended up coming back to my body pretty quick. It was painful when the circulation hit my body. The person who killed me was laughing thinking it was hilarious not knowing all about what just occured. They didn't even know that my body died. Let me tell you something... I don't say these things to you just for the sake of it I am serious. Wake up and get out if the hell now. Your life is too valuable and precious in the eyes of God. Your life will get better. You need to know who you are. Self harm is not the answer.

Wow. Your absolutly right. I can't make promises but I will and I'm not starving on purpose and I understand now and I will try but thank you for the advice means alot :D and believe me I'm listening

And he's 8/7 years older, and yh ill try to be more open