So yesterday marked the first day when he annoyed me. I mean he always annoys me because I can't figure him out but yesterday he wouldn't leave me alone.
I was already upset when I was in his class because I failed my pact with my online friend not to self harm. But we were doing Organic Chemistry in lesson an I'm struggling with it at the minute.
But he kept asking me questions and I didn't know the answer and when he said to the class "Did everyone get that answer?" he would look at me and I just felt like crying.
When class was ending he was organising books by me when he said "how did you do that to your hand?"
Well it was party where I had cut but I suddenly got so angry with him and I said "Nothing, it's not like anyone here cares anyway".
And he frowned and said "I care, so what happened?"
But just looking at his eyes meant I could never tell the truth so I made something up about my dog.
Then I went in today only to find it was a snow day but when I got to the school Mr D was walking out with his bag so I asked if school was closed.
He just said "You'll be happy to know it is and you get to miss my lesson as well"
So i thanked him and turned back to my dad's car when he called my name and said "Don't get falling in the snow Bambi" with his gorgeous grin and I just laughed and said he cursed me now.
But guys he looked so amazing all bundled up in his coat and scarf :3 ah I've gone from being annoyed with him to missing him :-/ but still, snow day!
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How old is this teacher?


Very young teacher, sounds like a hidden romance story or manga to me. lol!

Lol yeah people say my stories are like a book XD

Very hope it ends the same way in most stories. ;)

Me too lol I haven't wrote a story in a while though so maybe I'll write later this week.

Cool looking forward to it.

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You're lucky that you get snow; so jealous lol :) does anyone else know that you cut apart from people on the internet?

No, I did tell one of my friends at my old school but she didn't really care so I never trusted anyone again :-/

Doesn't sound like a very good friend :/ no offence :)

She wasn't, that's the trouble. The only good friend I have lives in Finland and I've never met him :-/ We're such good friends now though. He's listened to my problems and made me feel better for 4 years.
It's difficult being friend 1000 miles away though :-/

Oh, well at least you've got someone that you're comfortable with and who you can vent to :)

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