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So today was funny and cute, and not at all that depressing! I came into class and I'm like, "thank god it's Friday my darlings!" And mr.S laughs and I sit at my desk and he comes by me and stands by me. "Why so happy? Glad to leave me?" He asks and makes a pouty face. I giggle and say, "Mr.S, you know I love being with you. It's just been such a terrible week... I need to actually get some sleep or something. I'm living off of caffeine, literally." And we laughed and then my friend says that she likes his tie and he's like, "thanks!" And I'm like, "Hey.. So... I was wondering if my tie fit you cause you haven't wore it so I thought it didn't fit haha." And he goes, "Oh Rach, it fit! I love it, it's a bit short but I'll wear it next week. I didn't know you really cared, I'll wear it." And he gives me that look, that suggestive but silly guy in love look that I just adore... And that smile ahhh it's so freaking cheesy! He's so cute xD and I'm like, "if you don't want to, it's okay. I'd love to see how it looks on you though!" And he smiles and laughs and goes, "I would've honored to wear it." And he smiles and it makes me blush and then prayer comes on and so I stand up and he comes a bit closer and we literally are so close to each other, we kept grazing each others arms and stuff, it was magical.

Then after that I had science (OMG I hateeee that teacher!) and my bestfriend told me what happened on her math class with Mr.S. well he apparently started fangirling and quoting a movie and stuff. How cute is he? I'm just done. Lol

Then in my math class with him: I walked in and my friend was like, "hey you going to the dance? Did you ask anybody yet?" And Im like, "nope, I have a date with the Internet this weekend, and my bed might join us. I was think about sleeping with my bed though, don't tell anyone." And I winked at sat down and Mr.S heard and he laughed and looked over and then Tim goes, "Wait, Facebook?" And I'm like, "no. Facebook is for losers." And he's like, "what?" And then Mr.S was like, "What are y'all talking about?" And I'm like, "But, I ahve one so I guess Im a loser haha." And people laughed and Mr.S looked at me again and I just wanted to melt. Man... He's just so beautiful. It's scary.

Then during class, towards the end, we were doing group work and he was calling on people to do answers and whatnot. Well as he did it, he looked up to see of anybody wanted to answer and my hand shot up. Before saying,"Rach?" He just stared at me, but it wasn't a "ima kill you" stare. It was an "man, she's so beautiful" stare. With his eyes all cute and his smile kept growing. After a few people noticed, I looked up and smiled back at him and he kind of came back from his staring and called on me. His voice cracked when he said my name (god, he gets cuter by the dayyyyy!) and he started getting red cause people were giggling and such so he kind of turned around and sat down and I answered the question and got it right. He smiled and went on with the lecture and such.

Then as class ended, he pulled out a box and I was saying bye to him and I'm like, "Where did that box come from? What's in it?" Cause I'm snoopy and such and he was like, "I got it from the cafeteria, it's balls." He was talking really fast when he said it so he was like, "I meant MEATballs. Like a bunch of meatball sandwiches. Sorry..." And his face got all red again and he tilted the box for me to see and I'm like, "no, it's okay, I believe you." And he smiled and I held the door for him and walked to my next class.

Well, I became hyper. But also very competitive and such. I HAD to impress him, which I failed to do. My friend asked how high I could kick my leg. Well, I kicked pretty high, I actually kicked my face and slipped, and guess who saw? Mr.S! It was sooo embarrassing. And he was like, "you okay Rach?" And I'm laughing and saying yeah and man, it was funny. Then he left and I got all sad and then I waited by the door until he came back but it was almost time to go so I gave up and was about to start walking to the other side and as I was walking, the door flew open (I'm singing titanium while this is happening btw) and we collided again. And he was like, "sorry!" And I'm like, "titaniummmm" and he's like, "woah, Rach. You really can sing..." And I was like, ":O" and he got all red and mumbled sorry again and I hurried and went to the other side. Ughh he's precious.

Then I left and went to go get my clothes and then came back. Mr.S was sweeping and stuff and right when I walked in he looked at me. He started staring and I smiled at him and he stopped sweeping and gave me this beautiful million dollar smile that could stop anybody on the street to look at him and he kind of tilted his head and he kept smiling and then since he was leaning on the broom, the broom dropped and he broke his gaze and got red with embarrassment and started sweeping again. (He started smiling to himself after that, probably thinking I wouldn't notice but I DID!) MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

I wish I could see him again, it's gonna be a longgggg weekend. Hope everyone had a fantastic week, love you all(: goodnight xoxo
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He sounds like he loves you! and you mentiond me in your story! o.o :P


Lol that made my day (funny)

:) glad it did haha

shoot me down... but i won't fall.. i am titaaaniuuuuuumm
ugh. love that song

OMG can y'all just be together right now?? He ADORES you if he's blushing and smiling all the time at you(:

I wish he'd just come out and say itttttt

I wish that for the both of us! So we wouldn't have to keep guessing and hoping

Same! When I'm old enough and I'm still not over him, I bet we'll fall in love and have cute babies haha xD and okay, I was doing actually research and I think he lied about his age cause I heard from someone that he was 34, I didn't actually know. Well, I did my research and found out that he just turned 32! That means I might have more of a chance! And since he tried on the tie, that must've meant he was thinking about MEEE omggggggg!!!

Sorry, lol xD

Yes he was completely thinking of you when he tried on the tie and now everytime he sees it he will remember you! Yeah that's not a big age gap IMO

I know, just like.... 20, maybe 19 years. It feels like a huge age gap though. But nothing with keep me away now, I'm just falling harder and harder for him. I'm glad I gave him the tie, now I'll always be on his mind haha. I'm so sad, I won't have him anymore for the next few years so that means I won't really have any stories to tell :/ wahhhhh. :(

Boooo! Do you think you could still like meet with him and talk? Don't worry my prof and I have a 20 year gap as well! But it's weird when we are together I don't even notice it.

Haha I don't think it's weird when we talk, I just want to talk about more serious stuff though. Like life problems, not what music I prefer or if he likes subway or not. Like real things... Maybe we could still talk. But, idk. I think it'd be weird because usually people don't go back to teachers like that.. Idk.

Oh yeah I loved when me and my prof started talking about more serious things I felt like it made us closer kinda. Do you think you could kinda make him a mentor of some sort? That's kinda what my prof is to me

Well, I was thinking that since he seems to always be late with grading papers, then maybe I could see if he needed someone to help him. I wouldn't mind and soccer season is about to end so I'll have some free time on my hands. (:

See! Just find little excuses, and if he doesn't push you away then that's an amazing sign(:

Hehe he should be able to resist my sexiness xD

hahah see its perfect!

Shouldnt** lol and man, I really wanna see him :/ I miss him already lol

Teacher assistant! :)

He may feel awkward about the teacher assistant thing because he is in lust with you. I'd ask anyways. If he accepts don't get too excited. This is not a means of getting your bare hands on him. To in to this for the right reasons and good intentions.

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