I was so damn scared but my opalesaa told me to , and A doesn't know lol
Me: Hey mr.g
Him: S! I'm glad ya texted..
How did he know it was me lol? Maybe because I'm the only student texting? I hope loool
Me: So how's your Friday...
Him:It's pretty boring just cheering papers...pretty boring you?
Me: wow I didn't know people can cheer paper lol...and I'm surprised you can text wow I love our generation lol
Him: hey haha old people text too took me a while though and I meant checking*
Me: I know and lol seems like your still learning taking forever to reply :P
Him: :P? Hey hey I'm better then before ...better late then never right?
What ya think he meant by that? I don't know but I was laughing when he said haha doesn't sound like him ..
Me: Mr.g :P is me sticking my tongue at you seems like you need a better tutor and um right :) <<< that's a happy face lol
Him: I KNEW THAT :P...and maybe I do, you should tutor me :) and I can perfectly see that happy face old people are not blind you know
You think he was flirting with me?!..he sounds so werid texting more young and it's easier to talk to him like this.
Me: i would love to but I can't because I have one strict teacher in science that would be on my butt about homework
Lool I can't believe I sent that but hey flirt back right
30 min later...
Him: haha I don't think he's that strict sounds like an awesome teacher to me he needs to give you more ill ask him :)
Me: NO NO it's cool never mind
Him: you sure?
Me: absolutely
That night ...
Him: so how are you feeling now
Me: good I guess
Him: you guess?
Me: it's complicated..
Him: I'm listening
Me: ....
Him: I Wana know what happen, I'm worried
Me: we'll I'm honored your worried
Him: I always care for my students..
Me: good :)
Yup I'm just another student -_-
Him: so what happened
Me: FINE!! I almost died I have anorexia! I'm bulimic the doctors think I'm underweight but there wrong I'm fat ugly and dumb, the guy I liked kissed me and to,d me it was a mistake, my bestfriend treats me another way and looks at me as if I might break , my parents want a divorce, I have depression there you wanted to know right ...there
I sent it and cried to sleep I threw my phone... Ill try to write what happened after when I woke up 1 ...

I mean I don't know what came over me but I'm tired of lying! I'm tired of people asking am I okay .. I hate my life and I am 72 pounds of pure fat -_- **** what people say
Hatesbeingfat Hatesbeingfat
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I hate to be the one to say it but 72 pounds is really unhealthy. You're probably very pretty and smart and doesn't need to go on any scary diets. I agree with Holli, just try and eat more and put on muscle. But in order to have muscle you need a little fat. Having body fat is normal for everyone. Don't think of it as disgusting. Just try to eat healthier with the occasional bag of junk food or take out. With time you will learn to love your body and be more comfortable in it :)

Also, guys love girls who take care of themselves and it sounds like this teacher of yours actually cares so don't do anything that could harm your health, like starvation. Also, about the teacher situation, be careful with that because you can get him in a lot of trouble.

Good Luck!

I know love thank you and yh ill try more atleast go to 110 :) and thank you for the advice &lt;3

seventy two pounds? You need to eat 3 meals a day. Build muscle tone and get more protein. Eat some greens girl. leafy food. delicioius fruits and veges, organic smoothies thats the good stuff. Read up on Vegan recipes. Drink water everyday so the you will not become dehydrated. Water washes toxins out of your body and cleans your blood and organs. It's good for ya. You are actually not healthy. Work on your health. No you are not stupid and you know that Hun. It's time for you to take care of you. Be good to you. :) there isn't a bad thing about body fat. You just have to make sure you are eating the right kind of foods that are good for you. If you don't know then do some reasearch online cha cha about what foods can do for your body that are healthy.

Thank you amazing I will and thank you for the advice and just takes time and hope I will thanks agin &lt;3 :)

You are welcome. I am glad he talked to you. It is good he had the guts to give you his number and actually stated he cares about you. He seemed genuine. I hope he stays genuine. :) Keep eating healthy. :) it is the way we are made ...

Oh my Jesus, I'm so proud of you (:

Hehe thank you beautiful :D

it does sound like he is being a lil flirty though!

Haha Im liking it