Is It Me or My...

So this is a quick, random, but important question! So this is about my professor (read my past stories if you aren't caught up) But something I've noticed about him since last semester is that when my boobs are out (cleavage, and I do have a good amount!) he will not and CANNOT look at me during lecture! I remember dressing so cute one day with quite a bit of cleavage (VS push up bra, lord have mercy!) And he literally glanced at me once during lecture when on a regular day he looks at me numerous times. I was crushed til I realized it wasn't me he was "angry" at but my boobs. So why could he be avoiding my eye when my boobs are out?

I take it as he isn't a perv (he does have a wife and kids!) but I take it as meaning something because if it didn't he'd act like nothing was different you know?
pnktiger09 pnktiger09
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Because he is looking when you are not looking at him. Temptation ... Rawwwwww

that may be possible, like when we aren't in lecture we are doing partner work and I don't look at him mommy said I'm a temptation and that it's mean lmao!