so mr.b's at me and I'm also mad at him. well, I was mad first...he then noticed that I was annoyed by the fact that he DIDN'T even let me explain :|

He gave us this project which I ALREADY DID before my exams which was 2 weeks before the deadline. all I have to do is to print it out. He said that boys will read their's first then girls. We were supposed to read our speeches on tuesday. not monday, so basically not TODAY. I was so pissed off when he said "no. today is the deadline of your speeches". He didn't even bother to ask why we didn't printed or why we don't have our projects.

he was disappointed. I was about to speak out then he said "you know what. since 97% of you guys don't have any projects, I'm giving you 60%" I glared at him until he noticed me. My eyebrows were practically together by that time. When I saw him look my way I was showing him I was really angry and that I was not paying attention to whatever he was saying. He then said "okay..I'll give you guys a chance." and he said what we have to do and stuff.

Maybe he thought that would cool me down..he's wrong. Just because you gave us another chance. When he saw that I was still angry with him. He didn't even bother talking or ask me anything. We were both trying to avoid each other. I noticed that because when we passed by him the hall way, he was also looking at the other direction..but..now..okay maybe I already forgiven him. and I'm no longer mad at him.
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I dont think he's mad I think hes a little scared and down.. He probabaly doesnt know what to say. He's avoiding conforting you. You gave him the (mrs) mr. Potato angry eyes so his tail is between his legs cause he knows he disappointed you

I was disappointed and angry with him. but I can never get mad at him longer than 10 minutes. I was just testing him. I forgot to post what happened the day after this..should I? there was nothing much in it but still...it's still a part of the story...

Sure, of course. Did things get better?

it did :)

I will check it out:)

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