I Hate Snow

So because of the supid snow, I haven't had school for days now and normally that's great!...but I miss Mr D :-/ So I decided to recap on some stuff I forgot to say in my other story.

So the other day when I was annoyed with him I was walking to Biology and even though he was teaching a class, he was stood outside leaning against the doorframe, just watching because my Biology class is next door to his. But literally our eyes were locked as I was walking down the corridor but all I could think was "why aren't you in your class?"
And I was slightly late to Biology so he should have been teaching or taking register by then.
Then after Biology I went to him to ask about the homework cause there was stuff on it we hadn't covered yet.
He was talking to this year 9 girl when I walked in but when he saw me he just dismissed her (which she didn't look happy about :-/) but yeah we just sat down and he was drawing out the stuff I didn't understand and then he was like "oh I love organic chemistry! Don't you?" With that stupid grin again and I just pouted and said "no it hates me"
Then he was like "aw it doesn't, you just need practise. Just come to revision next week" which I always do anyway but he makes a point of reminding me. But normally I'm silent most of the time but around him I talk more.
The other day I felt jealous though when he was talking to this girl but I was having one of my off days. Even my mom said before "we didn't have teachers like him in my day". Aw I love my mom XD.
But yeah I miss revision because of snow :(
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I get jealous even when it's not one of my off days. :/
Hope the snow melts soon!

Yeah me too :/ normally I don't get jealous around him but that day it was like I was punched in the heart

I always get jealous around him, and it always feels like I've been punched in the heart... I should really try to get over him, but I can't.

Well that's understandable. I mean it actually hurts me to like my teacher at the moment but it's so difficult to stop. Just hang in there :)

Thanks! It really helps me to know that I'm not alone; that there's someone else out there who actually understands what I'm going through and what I'm feeling.

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I hope the snow melts :(.. It's starting to snow over here also