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today I'm going to tell you about the time when he was telling who he thinks is the prettiest girl in each year level. He started with the seniors,then juniors, and finally sophomores...and oh this was last year.

I can't recall how we got into that topic all I know is he can't answer the question "who's the prettiest girl in 2nd year". My classmates kept on saying names and he would just say "'s just cute" or "nah". Then they gave up and asked him "sir! come on! who's the prettiest girl in 2nd year?" and then he simply smiled at them and then he looked at me. I was like ashkfjsdfkhjg...what the hell just happened! One of my classmates, who knows that I like him, saw that and he was smiling and teasing me.

okay that's it for now :D
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Awee thats so cute lol.. I think my heart would just stop if that happen to me.. Lucky :)

my friends thinks he does have a crush on me...what do you think?

It sounds like a good start. Yes.

if he likes me then I would go asjhlkdhflksdfsd. and prom is just around the corner...fingers crossed! :D

Lol.. Fingers crossed.. That would be a Good story to tell us.. Can you go to prom with him?is it allowed?

we can dance with him. he could ask us to dance :)

You should definitely ask him for a dance..:) if he doesnt.. I think he will ask you though

he was giving a little sign that he will. he keeps on reminding us.

:) well I can't wait till the prom story comes out

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omg!!! wow, what grade are you in and where do you live? I can't believe a teacher would even talk about that hahaha

I'm a junior in highschool and I'm from the Philippines :) Teachers here are pretty cool huh? :D

Im a junior too lol but I live in the United States of America. Your teacher seems awesome!!