Flashcards And Sticky Business

Today was normal and as in normal, I mean that the sparkle in his eyes were gone and the awkward short conversations happened again. It's like, when a weekend comes, he reboots or something and forgets that silly smile he gets when he sees me or the sparkle in his eyes won't happen.

In homeroom:
I walked in and sat down. Then I got back up, went to his desk and just kind of watched him. He looked up and smiled and I gave a short smile back. "hey!" I say. He smiles and turns his attentions to me. "Hey!" He says back with just as much enthusiasm. "How was your weekend?" I ask and he laughs and goes, "I was just about to ask you. It was okay, how was yours?" And I immediately go, "it sucked." With a huge grin on my face. He didnt expect that. "What happened?" He asked. And this was the mistake I made. Instead of telling him what had happened over the weekend and letting him in, I shut him out. I just shrugged and he was like, "oh.." And that is when it became all awkward. I then awkwardly laughed and said, "you should keep a chair for me here so I can just sit here and be your best friend haha." And he laughed and said, "that'd be wonderful, maybe an orange one?" HE REMEMBERED THAT MY FAV COLOR WAS ORANGE OMGGGG! And I was like, "my new color is teal." And he laughs and goes, "we'll teal then" and I go and sit back down.

Then after lunch I went to his room and kind of stood by the doorway all awkwardly. He looks up and goes, "hey.." And I'm like, "I was wondering... Do you have a green sticky note?" And he looks at me all weirdly and goes, "nope.. Sorry." And I'm like, "ohh... Okay then." And then about 5 minutes later I go back to ask for a flash and but I accidentally run into him and I go, "sorry to bother you again but I need a flash card." And he laughs and goes, "I cannot, I don't have one. Maybe ask Mrs.F?" He smiles and I go, "oh... It's alright I guess. I'll get one elsewhere." And I give a weak smile and kind of sulk down the hall. I turn around to find him watching me closely. What was he thinking? I don't know.

After school I went to the gym and stayed there till around 5:30ish. I saw the shirt he was wearing I looked up what it said on the back. Gahh ANOTHER race that he's done! I found his times online and such and I just couldn't believe that this man could get MORE beautiful. Anyways, we didn't talk, just slight glances.

Goodnight, hope tomorrow is okay. XD
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Why are you afraid of him. You know he would like to have a normal conversation with you. You should tell him how your weekend was and what happened. If you feel uncomfortable getting to know him personally then have con versations with him. He had opened up to you more. He is interested in knowing you.

I'm not sure that it'll get any less awkward until you begin to open up to him a little more and, as you say, let him in. If he asks you how your weekend was, tell him, without making it a novel . . . assume that he's asking because he's interested. You'll never know how he feels about you until you each move toward each other a little more.

Have fun, and don't be afraid to get hurt. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You are so silly haha.

Haha thanks! :)