January 23rd

January 23
So today was really good in some ways, he made it a lot better.

Well I walked into school a bit late and I walked past his doorway. He's lecturing but before I totally pass by I slow down a but to catch a glimpse and he turns to look and he sees me and his face (which looked bored outta his mind) totally brightened up and his smile just..... Oh my it was so beautiful!

Then I went to science and afterward after that class I brought my books to math class. He looked up as I walked in and smiled. It was Nate, Skylar (my bestfriend), Michael, and I in the classroom together. He was talking to Nate and he stopped his convo midway to say, "Hey Rach, where were you today? I needed my little homeroom rep today!" And he laughed and then his smiled faded when he saw the look on my face. "You okay?" He asked. I nodded and go, "I was at the hospital, I'll make sure to bring those papers by the way." And I was starting to walk out and he stops me and goes, "are you okay? Or was it a family member?" He asked. I turn around and go, "family, my sister actually." And he gives me a weak smile to try to cheer me up but I just sighed. Then he goes, "Rach, I'm so sorry. If you ever need anything... I'm here for you okay?" He gives me a weak smile again and I nod and mumble thanks as I walk out. He's so sweet...

Then in class it was terrible (well actually great but how it started wasn't) I totally forgot that we had homework. So, I went up to him and he looked at my hands and didnt see my workbook. "Rach? Do you have homework?" He asks. I look up at him and sigh. "No and I'm so sorry, I did half of it but I've been so distracted and I forgot and I just..." And I just kind if stopped. I was making excuses. So after I was done I said, "I'm sorry, I forgot." And usually he gives homework halls (kind of like detention but it just give you time to do homework so it doesn't go on record) but instead he goes and whispers, "I'll give you some time to do it, okay?" I nod and go back to my seat to do it. 5 minutes later, I head back up to his desk and he goes, "Ah! You found it!" And I look at him confusedly. "No... I just did it." And he laughs and goes, "I'm glad you found it!" And I'm like, "what? I just did it!" I didn't get what was happening! I'm so stupid lol! "Rach, thanks for finding your homework!" He says again and I'm like, "I just did it!" And he's like, "no, you found it." And I'm like, "whatever." And I walk away confusedly. I WAS SO CONFUSED!

Then I needed help in class so he came by several times. But each time, he got closer to me. And not like standing over you close, more like "puts hand down back and your face is just inches away from his face". And well... He smelled so glorious! He smelled like cinnamon and soap lol. I even told him and he goes, "that's not me!" And I'm like, "no one in here has that SAME cologne as you, trust me, I know." And he looks at me all weirdly and goes, "oh, we'll I'm glad you think I smell pleasant." And I laugh and he helps me with my question but as he does it, he leans down and then gets on his knee to get closer. Then, his hand came onto my back. At first it was just sitting there but then it kind of moves up and down a bit but then his fingers starts rhythmically started tapping and rubbing my back. He started leaning and then stopped because we were just too close. It was so amazing... And I looked over at him and stole a glance and he just acted like everything was natural. So I went along and pretended like my heart pace wasn't picking up and my breathing was becoming slower. I'm not sure how he couldn't have possibly noticed because I felt like my heart was gonna burst out of my chest!

Then after class I caught him alone and go, "so at practice yesterday I noticed the shirt you were wearing. I didn't know you raced!" And he looked all confused. "The _______race!" And he goes, "oh yeah! I used to, I'm too old now haha." And I laugh and go, "you? Old? You're only 59!" And he laughed and I started leaving and then he goes, "hey Rach...have a beautiful day." I smile back and turn to him. "You too Mr.S." and I walk away grinning. He's so beautiful ahhhhh.

So yeah, my day was pretty magical! Tell me how y'all's was in the comments! Love you all! Xoxoxo
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I have a story for you ... when I was 17 yrs old ... a junior in high school ... I was a teachers aide for this teacher ... to whom I feel in love with .. he made me feel things I had never felt before ... but I ignored my feeling safely tucked them away ... and went on with my life ... always looking for that feeking again ... but never found it ... well 35 years later ... wwe are together and its the most amazing relationship oi have ever had ... and the sex is beyond amzing

That sounds so sweet (:

You guys are so cute :3

Haha xD

awww you guys are so adorable, jealous!


what happened to your sister?


omg I had that and my mom did too!! that is why i was in the hospital before!!

Oh jeez! It's so terrible :(

Ik!! Haha

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Aww, I'm so jealous! I hope your sister is okay!

She's out the hospital now!

Oh good!