"hatb" 1/28/13 Omfg Is This Him?!

oKAY so I was scrolling through Tumblr this weekend, and someone that I follow reblogged a **** gif. The guy in the gif looks EXACTLY LIKE MR. H!!!! I SWEAR IT IS HIM I CANNOT REST here is the gif btw, it's NSFW so click at your own risk :


OMG im freakin' out. I even showed my friend and she is freakin' out too what should I do omg?
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2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

I think that's the french **** star Manuel Ferrara

oh okay thanks haha

if that's really him... It's weird. lol I wouldnt say anything to him. chances are its not him. why would he put tht on the internet? He could get into serious trouble.

I know I know i've been telling myself that all day but I can't help but wonder... but yeah, I'm telling you, I know it seems far-fetched, but if you saw Mr. H in real life, you would understand. I showed my friend Eric (who is in soccer, Mr. H is the soccer coach) and he thought it was him too..... I'm just being ridiculous, I know.