All Good Things Might Have To Come To An End... :(

So today something tragic happened... My favorite bus driver got terminated and arrested for having a sexual relationship with a student... I am so devastated right now. What if that happens with me and Jake?? I can't get him arrested but I am positive that I will die of a broken heart if we break up... I am so scared!! Jake came home today after a teacher meeting addressing the subject and I asked him what they said and he told me that they said that if any of the teachers partake in an illegal relationship then they should end it now, quit or suffer the consequences of their actions and that it is wrong and highly inappropriate and unprofessional... I am still crying over it but I asked what he wanted to do and he was like I cant physically nor mentally leave you I would rather burn in hell or be tortured for the rest of my life then spend even a second knowing that you aren't mine anymore! Ci I love you and you are the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with! But ya'll I don't know what to do because if someone finds out and tells and he gets arrested and terminated then I would hate myself plus we can't afford for him to get arrested right now or from now on to be more precise... I hate that stupid law!! Love is love no matter who it is with and as long as it isn't hurting anyone and it isn't just for grades then it should be fine!! I am my own person and I am allowed to make my own decisions! I love Jake and I don't think the stupid law should be able to tell me who I can and can't be with because I can't help who I fall in love with!! I am sure that everyone has secrets and I don't think that it makes you any better than me!! It breaks my heart knowing that something as idiotic and stupid could ruin my relationship with the man I love and it makes me feel sick just thinking about it!! I hate the law and last time I checked nobody can tell me who I am going to be or be with!! Jake and I have decided that we are not going to break up but things will have to change.. we will need to be more careful and lie a lot better but its okay because the school year is almost over for us and then I will graduate and then I can announce to you all my secret!! Please tell me what you think we should do!! Love yall!!
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Be way more careful than you think you should be and good luck!

yeah i am i just hope things go well

Keep going! Keep everything a secret until you graduate! I am so sorry I wish there was something I could do for you and your driver.


School bus driver

me to he was so nice and he was only 20 years old

I'm so sorry

It's ok

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