Perfect !

I had to go on this school trip and we had to catch the train, all the teachers were awful and didn't want to go to a museum with people I didn't even like, none of my friend do history so hey weren't going, I got on the train with half the class at one station and the other half were getting on at a different one.
anyway the carriage was pretty empty, so I just two sets to myself and I was happy as, but when we got to the other station heaps of people got on, so I put my ipod in and ignored everyone, just hoping no one was going to sit next too me, but then I heard someone say from above,
"hey, is this seat taken" and as I looked up, there he was, Mr D, I almost choked, but I quickly took my bag away and he sat down, at this point I am freaking out, so I just started playing with my ipod then he said,
"you listen to Bon Iver?" I looked up in disbelief, I then said,
"of course, best ever, he is actually Jesus" he laugh and agreed, we ended up talking about heaps of things the whole trip and I could have died then and there.
he asked when we got off the train where my friends where, and I told him why, and he was like,
"well I guess we can be bestfriends for the day" he smiled down at me and I just nodded and smiled.
we actually spent the whole day at the museum together and it was perfect! but at lunch some of the 'popular' people at my school were like,
"oh my god, are you trying to get in with that teacher, you are actually disgusting" I looked at them and was about to say "are you joking, you guys a ******* stupid" but I heard a voice from behind me say,
"you guys are stupid, stop being dicks" and then kind of looked at him like did he really just calls us dicks, I burst out laughing, it was so perfect!
on the way back he sat with the teachers in front of me, and I sat alone, but I didn't care because I spent the whole day with him, gah.
when he got up to get off, he turned to me and said
"goodbye bestfriend" and laughed and got off.

it was so amazing oh god, I actually couldn't believe something good happen, I am so happy :)
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happiness is a virtue, but watch out, sometimes feelings can get in the way of the truth and misconceptions,
good luck with you teacher

yeah, I know.
thank you :)

omg that's SOOOO cute I want that with my teacher!!

i love older men but not to be used if you want to know me im 16 now and i have a relationship since i was 14 with my love of 55 he is the greatest he was my teacher and oh he thought me allot.