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Hello everyone! I've been reading y'alls stories for awhile and though I'd share mine.
My story began a year and a half ago. I was in eleventh grade. I decided to join the academic decathalon team at my school. Truthfully, I only joined because I had a crush on the teacher. Lets call him Mr. E. Anyway, I had seen mr e in the hallway the year before and knew that I wanted to get to meet him. I had a friend that was already on the team so one day she introduced us. I almost died when he shook my hand. Ugh he is so cute.
Fastforward to eleventh grade and it was the first week of school. We were working in the computer lab when all of the sudden he comes up behind me to see what I'm working on. Then randomly he asks "are you british?" and I was like "haha no". And he said "well you sound british". Ya I really don't know where that came from because I dont think I sound british. As the year went on I noticed that he would take any opportunity to casually touch me. He would pat me on the back and his hand would linger longer than it should have. He even tapped my knee.
He would always hold me to different rules than the rest of the class. He let me turn in things late and wouldn't make me do half the assignments my classmates did. By far the best thing that happened between us was a car ride. We had decathalon competitions on the weekends. At one competition everyone else had already left and it was just us. Instead of having me call my mom to pick me up he offers to drive me. When we were walking to his car I casually said "wow its freezing out here" and he said "Let me get you my jacket its in the car". Of course once I was in the car I wouldn't have needed the jacket but he insisted. The car ride was 40 minutes at the least. I was so happy to finally be alone with him. In my head I was hoping he would kiss me or hold my hand, but he didn't. We just talked. There were never and awkward pauses. Our conservation flowed so naturally that it was effortless. At one competition he asked us to text him that we got back safe. Of course I took the opportunity and texted him be got back safe and he texted back "Thanks, I'm so proud of you. merry christmas" my heart totally melted. After that we would text. It was always school or decathalon related texts, nothing too personal. he's even called me several times.
There are other stories from that year but I can't really remember them.
Anyway this year I am a senior and am back in his class again.
After the first day he texted me "I'm so glad your back in class this year. I'm looking forward to a great year with you." -not sure what he meant by that, maybe I'm reading too much into this?
One day I was reading a speech in class as one of our projects. After I finished the class got to critique my performance. One of the kids said something funny so we all laughed. And he was like(outloud) "You look so lovely standing up there" and everyone gasped. "and he was like I meant you should laugh in your speech it will look lovely"-haha i guess the lovely part just slipped out accidentally.
Another day I was sick. I had some kind of food poisoning and threw up at school. One of my friends was walking me down the hall with a trash can. When he first saw me he was like "hey katherine..." and was about to joke around with me but then he saw the trash can and freaked out and was like "oh my gosh is she okay? get her to the nurse now". Days later when I returned to school he was like "are you okay?" and I told him how I had food poisoning. and he said"Ya your face was so green that day. You're face is usually a beautifully rosy color" - pretty sure the kid next to me was like wth?
Another time I was in the car with a kid from the decathalon and he was like "do you like mr. e?" and I started to panick but tried to keep my cool. I responded with "No, why?" and my friend said "no reason. I just noticed that you to are always smiling and laughing with eachother".
dang was I that obvious?
just two days ago we texted on and off for three hours.
Most recently though he has been kinda jealous.
You see, there is this guy on the team who is kinda flirty with me. He always walks to class with me and puts his arm around me. After that all started happening mr. e seemed like he was trying to show he cares. He probably knows he can't flirt or be physical with me so he did the only thing he can do: text/call me for made up reasons.
Another funny story happened a month ago. My desk is right next to his desk so he is always talking to me during class. Somehow celebrity crushes come up and my friend is like "who's your crush katherine?" and I told her who it was and mr e google images the guy and is like "he's ugly"

And then another time my friend and I were talking about what we like in guys. And she is really weird so she was like " i like guys who have a little gray hairs" and I jokingly said "I'd make my husband dye his gray hairs" and mr e joins in saying "I don't have gray hairs"
Another time we were all in the computer room and I said something feminist to my guy friends and mr e says "my dad told me to stay away from women like you" with a goofy grin on his face.
Even though he is great and really sweet most of the time, sometimes he makes me crazy. He is impossible. Sometimes I think we could be together but then other days he is a little rude.

Thanks for reading if you made it to the end. From here on out I'm going to try and post daily updates but this should catch you up for now. Sorry for being rambly, its hard to consolidate a year and a half of memories.

Give me your thoughts on me and mr. e's relationship!
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He likes you, and wants you, but it is not right, and he can get in a LOT of trouble! Just wait 'til you graduate, then whatever you want to do is legal.

I've read a lot of posts in this group and some of them sound like they're reading too much into it. But your teacher definitely likes you. You're a senior this year so who knows what could happen! I'm interested to know what he will do when you graduate

dude... i think a blind and deaf person could tell he likes you it's so obvious. i dont know him personally, so i dunno if he does this to everyone...? I'd think not. yeah he soooo likes you....... I agree with the earlier comment. DO HIM

omg it's so obvious that he likes you!!

wow he likes you!

do him! haha