Who Are You Crazzzy For?

Today was great! I missed him over the weekend... I asked my HR teacher to let me go to the bathroom and he was outside cheking some papers , with his headphones and he was about to go in his classroom... When he saw me he had an ear to ear smile , it was precious! I love him sooo much and he makes my stomach feel like i have a million of butterflies inside! I love you Mr. N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At break I went to his room and nothing big happened . He gave me a I missed you hug , so did I.
In his class he said "Hey (my name)!" and I said a quick but lovely "hi" and smiled. My friend sort of knows that I have a crush on him but she thinks its not that big... She asked me in front of him "are you crazy?" me: "yes i am " Friend: "for what?" me: "for love!" and it was going back and forth but then she said to Mr. N ... "Mr. N , do you know what (my name) said ? and he said "nope" and my friend replied "she is crazy for someone" and he said "Is it for turtles?" Friend: "nope" Mr. N. : "For mountain dew?" Friend : "nope" Mr N.: " than for a guy ... It better not be for a guy!! Why are you turning red when I ask you this (my name)?" My heart was beating so fast I couldn't answer but it was funny and adorable. I am 99% sure that he knows thai I'm crazy for him!
After-school I told him "last guess?" and he said "are you gonna tell me?" and I said "maybe"... But he looked at my eyes for 20 seconds NO KIDDING! I did too! It was cute! I love him sooo much!!!

Hope you had an awesome day guys!! LoVe YoU!!! Pleeeeeeaaaaaseee comment and feel free to tell me your opinions!!
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thanks for your comments!! They are really helping me!

awww it's so refreshing to be reading such a cute and cheerful story!! I'm really happy for you. :)

oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing ever !
I hope everything goes well with him !
gah, I actually can't even, this is adorable !