Nothing Much Up

So since I haven't seen him in a while, I've sort've drawn myself away from him. Which is good thing. But like he ignored me pretty much all lesson today, apart from when he told me some people in the class were crazy, but even then he only glanced at me. I don't think he acknowledged that I was on a trip last week.

I think that maybe my crush was kind of a longing. A longing for someone like a father figure (I mean, I'm jealous of his unborn baby for Christ's sake) because y'know..he's wonderful. And I don't have a (very good) supposed father figure.

But one thing that made me happy was that he put a smiley face on my essay! He's never done that..I'm not sure if he's done that to anyone else. But I think he might've.
It was a nice thing to do, I don't know why. Good funny essay opening?
Also, on his notes it said he liked my style.xD If you think of it as though he didn't mean writing No? Okay, fine..just trying some humour here... ;P
AndSoIDream AndSoIDream
18-21, F
Feb 13, 2013