Through the past two days some stuff has happened!
Well, I asked him if I could have a word with him and he said, "yeah what's up?" And i asked him if I could trust him and he said, "Rach, of coarse you can. What's wrong?" And he got all nervous and worried and I was just kinda laughing it off and I said, "it's okay I guess, nevermind.." And I started walking away and he goes, "wait," and cleared his throat, "are you okay?" And at first I said "yes" but then I kind of just sighed and giggled (in a sad sorta way) and then said, "no" he looked a bit worried so I said, " it's fine really.. I guess.." And he goes, "it doesn't seem fine, is someone bothering you?" And I said yes and he goes, "a boy?" And I said yeah again and he goes, "is it Paul?" (He's my best guy friend and I've never had a problem with him, I actually push him around, he is sorta like my pet lol. I know that's terrible but he does everything for me hahahah) so I laughed and said no and he goes, "does he go here?" And he kind of looked defensive (like if I would've told him it was Paul, Paul would die lol) and I said he doesn't and he goes, "well..." And I go, "maybe we can talk in private, I just need some help... But in private you know?" And he goes, "come by my classroom at around 7 tomorrow morning, I'll get here early." And I smiled and said, "thanks Mr.S, you're really sweet you know." And he smiled sorta and he goes, "I just wanna be there for you." And I kinda started blushing and then I started leaving but he went by the door and held it open for me while I was leaving. As I left he joked about Paul being really irresponsible and I was like, "yeah, I'm kinda like his mom." And he's like, "well, you're just responsible and well mannered and more mature." And I was like, "thanks...I'll see you tomorrow morning. Bye Mr.S!" And he goes, "bye rach!" And I started walking but something didnt feel right (usually when I get that feeling in my stomach it mean something im missing with that goodbye and usually it's a kiss on the cheek or a hug or something of that sort) but I can't do that to him so I went back and I said, "I can't exactly hug you but I just thought you should know, you look really good" and he smiled and came by me and pulled me in for a hug and said, "you do too." And we stayed like that for a second and then I pulled away, straightened my skirt, and walked out. He makes my heart skip beats, it's unbelievable. What if he kisses me tomorrow? :) I'll be super emotional though... What if he looks at me differently?? :/

Okay so during class he kept joking with the class so I shared my dry humor with him and I no joke was the only person who brought him happiness. And while on the board my marker ran out so I turned around to look for another and he was like, "sorry, of coarse they ran out on you." And he laughed and I was like, "you really need to." And he gasped and he was like, "someone's mean today!" And I was like, "ehh." And then we joked about his test papers that he didn't grade and about drugs and about how Paul is a really bad influence. Lol it was a great day! I just hope I can see him before I go home in a few minutes. I need to figure out what I'm gonna say tomorrow. And make sure I look presentable and make sure I shave and look pretty and nice for him and make sure to put in waterproof mascara cause I'm sure I'll be crying or something, so yeah lol.

Well today he didn't talk to me about him missing my appointment with him to talk this morning because he didn't come in until like 5 minutes before class so I was waiting for him for like an hour. Well, we never got to talk. So I went into his class and my friend came with me ( I had homework hall after so I had to leave quick) so I went into his room and was like, "guess what." And he's like, "what?" And I said, "I have homework hall of coarse." And he goes, "wowwwww, well what do you wanna do?" And I sigh and go, "how about on Monday?" And he smiles and says, "that'd be great." And then it kinda became silent for a second and he asked what I didn't do and such and then he goes, "are you okay?" And I laughed and said, "no, not at all." And he goes, "then we really need to talk on Monday. I'll be here. Have a great weekend Rach!" And he looks over and sees my friend and goes, "oh and you to sky." And I say goodbye and leave. Ahhhhhhhh(:

So that's my days! :)
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OKay - this is different. If you need someone to speak with go to your school counselor, they are trained to deal with problems of all types. They will maintain confidentiality so you need not worry about that. If you're concerned that they will judge you, state at the very beginning that you want support and no judgement. If you don't want to go to a counselor then go to another adult, (preferably a female) that you can trust. Grandparents? Aunts? Uncles? Brother. Any sincere adult in your life will try to help you.

I just wanna tell y'all, I really need his help. I'm not trying to get him alone to try and pursue him, I really need someone to trust right now. None of y'all know what's actually going on, but I'm in deep business right now. I just need someone to talk to and he's being there for me.

Okay cool

Just don't seek romantic love and comfort from from this guy. He is way too old for you. Way too old for youuuuuuu. If he is old enough to be your father than I think that says alot right there.

<p>There is nothing cute about this - it is inappropriate. Someone, meaning your teacher can get in trouble, he's being an idiot if he is indeed flirting with you or giving you that impression. My question would be is he like that with other girls? Are you sure you are not taking those little exchanges out of context? It seems to me that if he is indeed acting this way, that others would have observed it as well, such as, your other classmates, other teachers, or adults. If you were my daughter I would tell you to quit flirting with men older than you --PERIOD--- someone could get in serious trouble, labeled a pervert, etc. I live in D.C., and find that cases like this are rampant. So "Rach," flirt only with boys in your age group, NEVER older men or teachers. You could get yourself in a situation that you cannot control. It so happens that my son is a high school teacher, very handsome, pursued by girls since he was 14, in college, grad school, etc. to this day, a barrage of women constantly vying for his attention. He's also vey well liked by students, is a football coach, etc. I have spoken with him many times about being careful to NEVER flirt or return any type of exchange with a student, never to be alone with them. Careers and lives can be RUINED by something that seems so innocent. There are tons of boys your own age to flirt with both in and outside of school. Your exchange with your teacher should only be about school work or school related matters. If your teacher is indeed flirting with you, rest assured that he is doing that with other girls, as well. NOTHING good will come from this. And as for hugs, that is rediculous, hug your dad, brother, uncle, etc. if you need a male hug. Sorry but, I clearly do not support you in this matter as it could have serious implications for everyone.</p>

I understand completely, thank you for your comment.

This is soo cute keep posting what happens


No matter what you do do not sleep with him.

I won't, not until graduation.

Jkjkjk till after***

Stop telling him he looks good. He is trying to do the right thing and be professional okay? Don't try to hug him so much either. There is only so much he can take with a hot girl in his class.